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vr46August 16, 2012

Hi guys, long time lurker, first time poster.

Quick info -- I kicked down our apartment door after being locked out some months ago, with some help from a friend, the broken pieces were glued back on and gaps filled with filler. Got some white paint from someone else, not an exact match which didn't matter but my problem with it was it was too bright and glossy.

I had read up on this forum and other sources about repainting my door where I found out about oil vs water based, different finishes and what to use when painting over certain finishes etc...

I got all my info but one thing I did not expect was the paint I purchased does not match the sample chart. I bought this Dulux stowe white color which on the sample chart matched perfectly with the original color of the door.

My question is, should I expect the paint to come out exactly like what they have on this peice of cardboard? I've tried it on two different surfaces and it's a lot brighter and whiter than what's on the sample chart. Does it slowly change color after it dries and sets, should I take into account the creamy white finish on my door may have something to do with how long ago it was last painted?

Since the color in the chart matched the door, i did not bother to bring a sample to the shop. Should I have the shop mix it again to my specification, can they even do that with an already mixed can of paint?

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Mix the paint well, put a drop on the paint chip and let it dry for a few minutes. If there is a color difference, take the chip and the can of paint back to the store and ask them for a new can of paint in that color.

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good advice from graywings.
Pratt & Lambert had this problem years ago. They had trouble making their product match their color cards.

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