A "prime" question...yes or no for wonderful finish?

caroline94535August 14, 2013

Hi! I haven't posted in about three years, but I need expert advice again.

I'm repainting the main hallway. I washed the walls with Dirtex two weeks ago. Everything is clean, dry, and prepped.

Right now the walls have a latex base, eggshell finish paint - "Rich Buttercream" - on them. Since painting the living room last week, I've decided the hall needs to be a lighter version of the new sage green in the living room.

The new paint is the same latex base brand as the current color. The current color has an eggshell finish; the new paint has a satin finish.

Since the current paint is about two-three years old, and has recently been scrubbed with Dirtex (and rinsed well), do I need to use primer on top of the eggshell finish paint before applying the new satin finish paint?

I have primer; I nearly always prime every wall no matter what, but this original paint is in such good, clean condition I need to know if I'm gaining any benefit from putting primer over it.

Thanks in advance!

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

no need to prime in this instance

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Thank you, ChristopherN...I finished the job yesterday and the hallway, sans primer, looks absolutely beautiful! The paint rolled on smoothly and the finish is as nice as the pre-primed living room. I'm peeling the blue tape off today.

Now...on to the temporary soffits in the kitchen!

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SCORE your paint/tape-edge first!!!!!!!!


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Hi Faron; yes, I always tape everything. And wash with Dirtex and "rinse until clear." I live in Larimore; I keep planning a trip to Fargo to visit your paint store! I'll be asking a million questions.

My house is old, not "old, interesting and historic," but old as in "old, tired, cobbled together, and needs help!" LOL

Any project I attempt I try to do it to the best of my ability. I try to research the "correct" way to do things; I read and plan forever. I have more time and energy to invest than money. I want the work I do and the changes I make to be as nice as any done in the "big houses."

I have learned a lot about painting on this forum and really do appreciate the help.

Next project - building a much needed coat closet in the corner of the entry/breakfast nook.

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