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JennLynnFebruary 8, 2002

I am having a problem with my daycare provider and need some advice. I am a fist time mom, my child did not have to go to daycare until she was 11 months (my mom watched her). We moved and she is now in daycare. My problem is, there is not a room for her age at the daycare, in the beginning there was. She is 17 months she is to big for the infant room and (I think) too small for the 2's room. The director keeps telling me they will have a room for her and a teacher, it has not happened. They keep switching her from the infant room to the 2's I know this has to be hard on her. There are teachers she likes and they check on her. I guess what I want to know is what will be harder on her - having to go to another daycare with strangers or being switched from one room to another with no kids her age. That is another thing I thought strange so many kids have left. The cost did go up and there is a new director I do not know if this has anything to do with it. My child does not seem unhappy to go there, please any advice would be so helpful I am so torn as what to do!! Thanks

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Is she the only child there around that age? My DD is in daycare. She is 14 mo. and her "class' is 12 mo. - 18 mo. I would think if your DD is able to be around at least a couple of kids her age she would be ok, regardless which room she is in. I agree that the situation is less than ideal, but I think switching daycares would be harder on her. Where she is at now she has familiarity. If you are happy with the daycare otherwise, I would not switch. I would think in a month or two she could go the the 2's, or perhaps even now. She is definitely too old to be with infants if she is the only child her age there.

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Call your state licensing agency and see if there are any complaints. We did with our first daycare provider and pulled ds out that day because we had started feeling uneasy and then found out the provider had been lying to us. Whatever the licensing agency says about the provider may give you peace of mind one way or another.

My son (21 months) recently moved up into the twos room. The first room was for 6 weeks to 18 months. The 18 month olds moved as room permitted in the next class. This class goes up to 2 1/2 to 3 years old (depends on level of potty training.) DS spent some time in the older class before he was ready to move up just to get him familiar with the teachers and other kids.

Right now, ds is one of the youngest in his class. DS really loved the lady in the infant room and he wasn't happy to leave her. He likes it in his new room, but does cry when we leave him in the morning. The daycare has called me after I leave and they say he stops crying before we leave the parking lot. We've taken sneak peaks. DS is always happy and playing with the other kids when I pick him up. I think part of his crying problem is that his entire world is changing since I'm having a baby also. DS loves routine.

It may take a little while, but your daughter will adjust to a new room. In your case, I'd be more worried about a lot of other kids dropping out. There is a reason for it. It may not be a reason you'd be concerned about if you knew why, but you're not likely going to find out why. I know that I only get a chance to say "hi" or "bye" to the other parents. We usually don't get a chance to talk unless it is someone I work with.

I'd suggest you go with your gut feeling. Do you feel like your daughter would be better off someplace else? If need be, she'll adjust to a new place just like she will moving up to a new room. It'll take a little getting used to getting used to a new place, but if you would be more comfortable in a different setting, then that may be your best choice.

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Thank you both for your advice it is so hard to know what to do when it comes to your child. You only want what is best for them. There are no kids her age, she is now in the 2's room full time. She is 18 months is that too much of a difference? She does seem happy - I do not know? Thanks again for your wisdom.

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my experience has been that kids 18 months old LOVE being around slightly older kids (even more do they like watching BIG kids--3 or 4).

I second everything AdellaBedella has said. Is there a way you can find out why so many other kids have left?

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I am a preschool owner, In oregon it is aginst the law to transfer children back and forth to diffrent rooms. It is also not good for them do some research. Having the same person every day is the best for your child, if it was me I would take her out a.s.a.p, This is bad daycare practice.

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I would pull my DD out as I would want some consistency in her daily program. A large amount of other parents pulling their kids out is ALWAYS a red flag. Could you have a meeting with the new director and at least ask a few questions before you make a decision? My daycare is done completely by age, and all the classes are full. The 2, 3 and 4 year olds are all taught by early childhood education college grads, and they also have a private kindergarten for the 5 year olds. These are the people taking care of your DD on a daily basis, you should take it very seriously.

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A ton of red flags. Our daughter was abused and ended up with bruises at Childtime Daycare Ctr in Syracuse NY area. They ended up with 22 violations (from us not counting tons from other families) when the NY State child and family services inspected them after we documented and complained to them and took pictures of our child. They have a site here in NY and you can look up any daycare center and see any violations that have occured and if they were fixed... Had I known this we would have never considered them. NYS Child and Family Services told me that it is hard to close any of them down, basically your child has to die to do something!!!! Because it is a chain or large center does not mean it is safe. We even visited several times before placing here there. They are always on there best behavior when you are on a scheduled visit. Try going back in about 15 minutes after you drop off your child. We found ours in someone elses dirty bed when she was suppose to be up playing and eating breakfast as she was when we left.

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