Help us prepare Caleb for surgery

victory_tea2085February 6, 2008

He is due for surgery ( undescended testical) on Feb 15th. On Dec 27 he had surgery for his drooping eyelid. The surgery seemed to come out well but he almost seems traumatized as now he talks about being " afraid" of many things and consistently talks of a man on the ceiling. He is 2yrs 8mos. old and very bright. We need help as to what to do and say before his upcoming surgery.

Thank You


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Have a consultation with the pediatritian and the anesthesiologist.
But know that a 2 1/2 year old child is often afraid of the man on the cieling of the snake under the bed or the whump in the closet.
But an anesthesiologist skilled with children should be able to allay his fears.
Linda C

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My son is 3 and has to go in for the same I have a knot inmy stomache just thinking of it!

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Well; the surgery went well- Caleb was a real trooper. The testical was there, but so far away from his sac that it is going to be a 2 surgery deal. He has to go back in 6 monthes. We prepared Caleb with the Curious George book about hospitals and also talked with him about what was going to happen. We plan to get a toy doctor kit to help prepare him for the next one. eileenlaunonen, let us know how your son's procedure comes out. Paul

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Gald it's over....but sorry there has to be more.
Little kids are amazingly resiliant.

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