My 17 month old had a 103.4 temp

jesshopeFebruary 21, 2007

My 17 mth old daughter has had a cold for about a week. She has had a fever on and off until Monday then she got a temp of 102.5 and trouble breathing so we took her to er and there she had a temp of 103.4. We had to wait 7 1/2 hours just to be seen. Once she was seen they did a chest xray to find nothing and just said it was upper respritory and just viral and she would just have to continue tylenol cold until it goes away. Her temp is staying at around 100 though and we are on day 5 or 6 of this. What should I do? She is fussy and clingy and won't hardly eat a thing nor drink. I've taken her the the doctor and er so far and I don't know when I should think of taking her back to the doctor or what things I can do to help her feel better. I'm a young mom trying to get some experience tips. I'm learning with each new thing that happens to her.

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You have my sympathy. It's scary when the little ones get those high fevers.

I'd offer Pedialyte, popsicles, Gatorade, Kool-aid, juice, Sprite, ginger ale, or anything to keep her hydrated.

If you're worried that she's been sick for too long, call your doctor again and talk to one of the nurses. They can advise you as to whether they think your dd should be brought back in. Insist on an appointment if you feel she needs another one. The ER docs are ok in an emergency, but the pediatrician is much better.

Did they tell you to give her any Tylenol or Motrin? Those will lower the fever and reduce the achiness. I hesitate to tell you to give her those because recently I've heard doctors want the fever to run its course since it's mother nature's way of getting rid of an infection. Check with the nurse or doctor on that. The 'in' thing to do seems to change every few years.

You might try a humidifier to ease some of her congestion from the cold.

You didn't ask this part, but I will warn you about letting your child play on any toys in the doctor's office. Don't. Those toys have the germs of almost every sick child who has come through there. I learned the hard way with my first child when we went in for an ear infection and developed RSV a few days later.

I hope your little girl starts feeling better.

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What do your instincts tell you? That this is a nasty (but minor) virus that is running it's course? Or that this ISN'T an ordinary virus. Is she even a little better than she was? Little kids usually bounce back pretty quickly, so if you don't see any signs of improvement after 5-6 days, I'd make a pest of myself at the Doc's office.

The most important parenting tip I've learned over my 16 years in this job is to trust your instincts, Mom. You see more and know more about your child in your 24/7 week than any doctor can detect in 15 minutes. Doctors tend to play the odds, and most of the time, it's the most common thing. But occasionally it isn't, and that's where a pushy mom can save a child's life.

If your doctor still says it's nothing serious, ask him/her exactly what to look for that would indicate a turn for the worse -- things like dehydration, seizures, lethargy. And when you should expect to see some improvement. And if his/her answers don't satisfy you, get another opinion -- or even another doctor.

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Seriously sounds like a cold. 7-10 days. Tylenol for the fever, hugs and kisses for the clingy. Sometimes that is all you can do when they're sick. Even the doctors have no magic cures and nature has to run its course. 100 is not a bad temp, just slightly elevated. Dress her cooly so she can naturally cool off (Shirt and diaper). Snot sucker for the nose rather than OTC meds seemed to work best for us. IF temp (RECTAL) hits 104 then of course call the Dr or nurse line for their advise, but right now, time is your best healer.

Humidifire (cool mist) for room is a good addition also.


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Look for colored "stuff" from her nose....a really stuffed nose...REALLY stuffed...night time coughing to the point where she doesn't sleep. Lethargy...that "sack of potatoes" look...where they just can't really sit up straight..
And of course also think about urinary infections...not wetting...strong smelline uring, dark colored...
A week is just about too long for a little one to be that sick....make sure the Doc you see knows just how long this has been going on.
Linda C

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How's she doing? Better, I hope?

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I feel a lot better about my parenting skills because a lot of the advice you all have given has been something I did on my own! Thank you so much. I'm constantly worrying on whether or not I'm doing the right thing.

She is doing so much better. Her temp is down and finally she is eating normal again. We had laid off the milk and been giving her juices and yesterday we gave her some milk cause I want her to get her calcium. Which makes me wonder....should I try giving her a daily vitamin or is she still too young for that? I just want her to be healthy. My little brother was in and out of the hospital a lot from being sick and I worry about her. He used to hate christmas cause that was the time of year he was always sick. i can't count the number of times we were not home for christmas cause the poor little guy was sick. He just turned 16 and has been healthy for a few years now but I still can't help but worrya bout my little one. I love being able to ask questions here and get an answer without a father in law of ine telling me that i need anxiety medicine cause I worry too much. But that is another story.

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Good to hear she is doing better :) My DD got up to 103.1 once. It was midnight and I was worried sick. For her, Motrin worked. It dropped that fever in 30 minutes. At the 8 hour mark, it went back up, so I gave it to her again. She was better in 3 days. I have heard to let the fever run its course, but there was no way I could do that. If the Motrin didn't work, I would have probably gone to the ER. Of course, she is my first :) Very glad your's is better :) Christy

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