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oilpainterFebruary 3, 2010

Ok you mothers of toddlers I would like your input.

I am sewing a blanket for my niece who's expecting in late August. I boughtt a nice fluffy fleece and I'm going to edge it with blanket binding. It is 42 by 61 inches, so I can make it almost any size. I usually make flannelette recieving blankets 38x42. I think the 32x36 blankets are too small, but then it's a long time since I had babies. All the quilters in my family made quilts for my grandkids, so I never made any for them.

What size blanket did you like best for your baby or what size did you wish you had? Do you think with this fluffy fleece it should be crib sized or wrapping size?

I'd appreciate your input.

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I have made all kinds of sizes. I like a big blanket to put on the floor for a baby to play on before they can crawl. I like a small blanket for use to cover a baby in the car seat on cold days or for the cradle. I like a medium size for the crib.

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I decided to make it the full size. She will get small ones I'm sure so I'm going with big

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