Almost 4, didn't do well on hearing test

jennFebruary 13, 2005

My nephew is almost 4 and recently took a hearing test as part of his routine check-up. There is nothing wrong with his hearing -- he answers us, looks at us, responds, etc. when we call his name or ask him a question.

What he had a problem with during the test was doing the "thumbs up" when he heard a beep. Sometimes when there was no beep, he said he heard one. When there was one, he sometimes didn't respond to say he heard it.

His mom thinks the problem was that there were too many people telling him what to do -- his mom, the nurse, and the doctor. He knows how to follow instructions (I've seen him do it many times) but I wonder if maybe he doesn't know what "thumbs up" means!

The nurse told my SIL to not worry about it, he's OK, but to try the test at home with the earphones from his Leapfrog pad.

It seems to me that 4 is still pretty young and since he shows every sign of hearing us then he will know how to do this test later. My SIL isn't worried and said she'll keep an eye on it, but since the doctor said he should have done the "thumbs up" on queue, that makes me wonder why he didn't.


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I think I found the answer. The technique they used (raising his thumb or hand) is called "Conventional Audiometry" and is used on children 5 years of age and older. He is not quite 4, so I suspect he was not developmentally ready yet. Or he was too distracted by the multiple commands from three adults.

He's just fine! :-)


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