What to paint this ugly 1970s house / Window color options

frenderAugust 31, 2012

We are replacing the windows and siding of our very ugly 1970s era home

I am trying to decide between white, creme or tan window frames and what color to paint the house

The roof has a variety of colors - blacks, greys, browns, reds.

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I should have added that we are also changing out the front door - most likely to a glass door with two glass sidelights

The aluminum windows are going to be replaced with vinyl windows and we are trying to decide the colors of those.

We are going to make the window trim only 3 inches, versus the 6 inch width it is now.

Here is another picture

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This picture might be better.

Thanks for any help!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I'd suggest posting this in home decoration thread...you'll get a lot of excellent suggestions there...much more active than this thread.

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I think this house is going to be lovely. I'm a little late to this thread. First of all tackle the yard. if your short on $, contact your local vocational school for some idea's/hire from students in the landscaping class. The driveway and walk way are sweet, just some definition on the walk way. I'd paint the house a BM Sage green, the window trim a white or off white, it goes with every thing. Once you've picked a color rarely does anyone change the body color of the house, paint the trim around the garage door and door the same body color of the house. But painting them the same color it gives the illusion the house is larger. Then accent the entrance pillars with some decorative trim and paint it and the over hang only a complementary color ( see BM suggestions chart to what ever color you choose) It has great bones, hope this helps

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Thanks tjbourke, here is a photo of what we ended up painting our house and trim. A benjamin Moore historical color. We changed out the windows to bronze trim.

Hoping to get sod installed this week. Just need to figure out walkway and driveway and purchase a ton of deer resistant, drought tolerant plants :)

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We painted the metal flashing along the top of the roof and that helped with the curb appeal tremendously. I want to paint the gutter guards, they don't look great.

Another picture

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Slate would look nice on your walkway. So would a deep red, burnt orange, olive green, or plum color on your door. SW Roycroft Bottle Green, Plum brown (eggplant), Brandywine (orange), or Rockwood red.

A stained, stamped concrete would also look good and can be used on the driveway and path. House looks really good. Good luck.

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