need help with a car seat

angieinFebruary 1, 2005

I'm a grand-mother. I want to purchase a car seat that is safe and doesn't cost $150.00 for our grandson (2 yrs. old). Please give me some ideas on brands and cost. I'm new at this since he's our first. Thank you so much.

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Avoid Costco-- they have more recalls than anyone else!!! Go for one which can be rear-facing until 35 lbs, and keep that baby rear-facing as long as you can past 1 yr. It's the safest way to travel!

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Graco ComfortSport car seats were rated really well by Consumer Reports. They range in price from ~$59 to over $100. They are all the same, just more padding in the pricier models (just more cushion, not more safety). They sell them at Toys R US and Target. My mom and I both have the $59 seats, and my son is very comfortable.

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also, once you choose one, the police department has officers trained in the safest installation. the middle of the back seat is NOT always the safest spot, it depends on the vehicle. they will have lots of info for you.

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Britax are widely recognized to be the best, but they are expensive. I have heard that the Evenflo Triumph is a close runner up and only costa about $120.

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