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mrswojFebruary 8, 2002

My ds will not try any new foods. He is 13 months old. When I first started him on cereal, fruits and vegies at 4 months old he did great. He would get fustrated if we did not shovel the food in his mouth fast enough. At about 7 months he started having stomach problems and refused to eat anything but his bottle. To make a long story short after about 3 months of testing and medication he started eating again. Turns out he is alergic to something, although we can't figure out what, he is on prilosec and still drinks formula (nutramagin).

Now he is 13 months old and still eats baby cereal and fruit. He will eat some baby vegitables. He will eat cherios, bread and animal cookies. He will eat cut up grapes and melon but sucks the juice out of them and spits the rest out. I have tried many things but cannot give him anything dairy as he may be allergic to them. I have tried fresh mashed vegies, gerber graduates and stage 3 babyfood. I have tried mashing noodles and even meat.

Has anyone had this problem and what can I do to get him to start eating table food. I have heard if you wait too long to introduce textured food the child will have a hard time adjusting to it. Is this true or is he normal to be still eating baby food.

Thanks for any help you can give me


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My kids were ones for baby food, but just about what you describe is what my kids ate at this age anyway...minus it being from a Gerber Jar.
Since he most likely doesn't have all four first molars in yet, he wont be able to "eat" all of the grape and melon anyway...He's doing what mine did.
As long as he's getting adaqate formula amounts, for his nutrition...he's fine...He's still in the "experiment" with food stage.
I wouldn't worry about it.
You will be amazed at how far he comes by 16 months compared to today..Just keep offering him little bits of new stuff, and leave him to it. He'll pick up what he's interested in. And if he's not to sure on somethings, try them again in a few weeks...
At 13 mo, I think he's doing exactly what the average 1 year old does...

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I can only speak from my experience. My DD was no longer interested in babyfood at 8 months and was totally on table food then. 13 months does seem late to me, but then I don't know if it really is. DD is 14 mo. and in her daycare class of kids 12-18 mo. in age, all of them are off baby food. The fact that your DS has had food allergies, could be playing a big part in all of this. Have you consulted with your pediatrician or especially a nutritionist? I would think they could give you some good advice on this, and maybe help with the food allergies.

Good luck and keep us posted!!

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What has the doctor recommended? Due to allergies I would look for a doctors advice. Also, this may put your mind at ease concerning nutrition. The Dr. will be able to tell you how to make sure he is getting adequate nutrition.

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