Spattering with paint gun !!!

zaappedAugust 12, 2010

I have a gravity fed air paint gun and was painting some metel (olympic bench press) that I wired brushed, primed, and sanded. After I began to paint I noticed that as I would squeeze the trigger on the air gun, it would lose slight air pressure about a second after and you would have to wait for a split second for air pressure to return. I later found that the filter I used coming from the compresser was causing the air loss.

So the problem is, the paint hit the metel with a slight spatter look, feels almost like real fine sand paper but not noticeable unless you feel it. Since I fixed the problem with air loss, Can I expect to fill in the low spots with my next spray or will this need to be fine sanded to give a smooth finish? I am using Valspar Exterior Semi Gloss from Lowes.

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I think it depends on the depth of the holes, but the general rule of thumb is to expect paint to fill nothing except for pinholes. I don't know that your actual gun spit paint on whatever it is you are spraying, but I think that it sounds like the loss of pressure could have created a sort of orange peel texture? This can happen sometimes when the paint cannot properly atomize. If you can feel something with your hand though, it is likely that another coat of paint will not correct, especially a sprayed coat.

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I was spraying an olympic bench press (2 1/2" sq steel tubing). I had primed and sanded to a smooth glass finish and now it feels like sandpaper after spraying paint. I always used oil base paint in the past and now I tried water based. I think I might have to wet sand before I try painting again to correct it. Home depot use to sell a paint called Glitten that was oil base and now its water base...

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my new cabinets were started to be painted with Gidden and they are a mess.I have read on this site that it's not the best out there and that SW or BM make a good product is the same $ range.I wish you the best of luck.

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