Toddler Toothpaste

adellabedella_usaFebruary 28, 2002

I saw an ad for toddler toothpaste the other day in a magazine. I accidentally threw the magazine away before I showed it to dh. This toothpaste was special because it didn't have flouride in it. I have have one of those little guys who eats the toothpaste off his toothbrush and asks for more. Does anyone know what kind it was. I think there was a 1-800 number to call to find out where they were selling it locally.

Thanks for any help.


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What magazine was it in? Do you know that? That may help one of us because then we could go through and find it. I have Parents here if that's it.


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I'm not sure. My husband signed me up for some free subscriptions. All the magazines seem to run together. It was just an ad for a new toothpaste. It seems like all the magazines carry most of the same ads. This was the first time I had seen an ad for a flouride free toothpaste so I was interested. I'm sure I'll see the ad pop up again. I just don't know when.


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The toddler brands, such as colgate and oral-b say that as long as you use a pea-size amount, a small amount of swallowing is ok, although it's discouraged.

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Thanks, but the problem is that my toddler licks the toothpaste off the brush, throws little fits, and trys to get us to put more on. He would sit there and eat the toothpaste if we let him. He is such a little copy cat. I only put enough toothpaste on his brush so that he can see color. He knows mommy and daddy get to use more. I want the new toothpaste until ds gets over his infatuation with eating it.

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I use either the Gerber or Oral B toddler toothpaste. They are both available in most stores in the baby section.

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We use the Gerber, and it is fluoride-free.

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Just took DD to her first dentist yesterday - didn't go well. She was fine until the dental assistant snapped on the rubber gloves, and it brought back memories of her shots last month, I guess. Really, she was completely cool until those gloves came out.

Anyway, I asked the dentist this question and he said the gerber and oral-b are fluoride-free and fine until kids get the hang of spitting.

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In Parents I saw an ad for Orajel Toddler Training Toothpaste. That may be it. It has Little Bear on it.

Really if your son is just eating it and begging for more~you should teach him now that he doesn't get more. DS was doing that for a while and we told him he only got toothpaste once and that was it. He then got into actually brushing his teeth and spitting and the whole routine. If your son is copying everything you do, teach him to do what you do and not do something special. Giving him more just because he can swallow it safely really isn't a good thing to teach him now or it will be a habit for a while.

Good luck.


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Thanks everyone.

Kara_PA also sent me this.

Gerber makes a toothpaste that comes with the little finger brush. It's pretty expensive -- about $4.50. The ad you probably saw was for the makers of oral-jel. They just came out with a toddler toothpaste that's flouride free. It's much more reasonably priced, too.

Tom's of Maine also makes one -- I think it's called Silly Strawberry -- but that's harder to find (at least in my area).

Feel free to share this on the board.

Just so everyone understands, I do believe in teaching my toddler "no." My intent right now is to establish a habit. I think establishing the habit will be easier if ds sees that mommy and daddy get the same amount of toothpaste that he does without refills.


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I use the Gerber and Baby Orajel. I also buy those 4 pack baby toothbrushes (for now) available at many dollar stores. My 17mo dd basically sucks the baby toothpaste off, then wants more, but she does 'brush' occasionally. She constantly says 'teeth' and shows great interest in brushing, which hopefully won't go away!

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