Would you bother???

catiesdJuly 31, 2010

I used SW Duration satin in my master bath (ceiling was already semi-gloss) and used SW Duration matte in the bedroom. I love the look, feel, and subtle shine of

the matte in the bedroom (it is definitely more like an eggshell as others have described). I put the satin in the bathroom using the old rule of more sheen=better clean. But now knowing that high quality matte can in fact go in the bathroom, I feel like I should have just used the matte instead of the satin. As a side note, I used the same color in both bedroom and bath. Bath is large and open with good ventilation and a jacuzzi in the center and the shower is in it's own separate fully tiled room. So the question is: should i bother repainting the wall and ceiling with matte? Will it make much of a difference? I used painters so it would definitely cost to do this.

Your advice?

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