Help for Tackling the Toddler Years

Karla_NEFebruary 5, 2002

I found this very interesting article. I took the test for my DD and it said she was "Text Book". I think for the most part she is, but I can definitely see bits of the "Angel" and the "Touchy" toddler that fit her too. I am curious to see what other parents think of this.

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I have an angel, althought there are times I would say otherwise. LOL Some of those tests are hard to do because they're not always exactly true. Like different factors will make the child respond differently to each situation. But we have always found that we could do anything with DS as a baby and a toddler and he was fine with it. We didn't have to have a steady routine to make him happy. He was a wonderful baby and everyone always says you get the opposite the next time so we best watch out! LOL


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My current toddler, third child, DD age 2 (27 mos if you want to be precise) is a tie between text book and spirited. With two older brother, she needs that spirited streak to get through the day!

The whole time I was answering, I kept thinking I bet DH would answer the same questions about the same child differently. I bet his results would push her over the line to spirited.

I wonder how much birth order has to do with these things? Maybe she talks about that, I skipped to the test and plan to go back and read. Without actually answering the questions about each child, my first was darn near an angel, he was very easy. Or maybe life was just easier with only him. My second, definitely spirited, still is (maybe he's teaching his sister).

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Mine is almost 3 and he is almost evenly split between all the categories.


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My son is also evenly split between text book and spirited although I think he's leaning towards SPIRITED!

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I didn't have DH take the test, but I found ds to be split between angel and spirited. It's quite a combo.

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