My 2 years old doesn't walk, talk due to seizures

synchronyFebruary 16, 2010

Dear All,

My little daughter now 2, started fitting soon after she was born and she is on anti-convulsion medicine since then. She started sitting properly when she was 15 months old and she walks along with some objects but not on her own. She does alot of babbles but no mama or papa or anythign else. She takes interest in books and toys but not for the sake of reading them but just looking into them for some sort of objects or colours may be. She sleeps and eat good but every single day that passes aid into our agony when we don't see any sign of walking or talking .

I am wondering if anyone of you have ever heard of such patient in the past or have read anything abaout this sort of situation before? I shouldn't ask it directly whether or not she would ever speak or walk on her own but does anybody think, that after such a long delay, she still has a chance to walk or talk when she is probably 3 yrs old?

I would appreciate you replies.


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Hi Synchrony -

To answer your question -- Yes, I know two children who have a history of seizures and resulting developmental delays. (Both talk and walk fine now, though they're 14...) They are both lovely boys, kind, lively, fun, well-mannered, and a pleasure to be around. They're both struggling in school and in special education classes, which is how I know them. There's also the possibility that I (and you) know many other children who had early seizures, but that they're indistinguishable from their peers now, so we don't recognize them.

I looked at your link from the other post, and see that you are in the UK. (She's darling, by the way!) As an American, I don't know exactly how your health system works, but I do know that there are resources available for children with developmental delays (and your daughter's development IS delayed at this point), and that as the parent, you will need to PUSH hard to make things happen.

Your daughter should qualify for services -- at the very least, Speech Therapy to help her learn to talk, and Physical Therapy to help her learn to walk. I assume her seizures are being taken seriously from a medical perspective? And that she is receiving proper treatment to help prevent future seizures? Her Pediatrician or Neurologist should be able to give you some information about what services are available in your area to help your daughter catch up to her peers.

If they can't or won't refer you immediately, please look for parents' groups in your area. Search online, call the schools -- keep looking because they are out there. (You can usually find a group for parents of autistic children, and even though it's not the same problem, they should be able to tell you what steps to take to get your daughter the kind of help she needs to get started.)

Quite simply, there is no one else on the planet who cares about your daughter's future as much as you do, and you need to remember this at all times -- particularly when folks tell you to relax and wait and let 'the experts' lead the way. If you 'wait patiently', that means your daughter does not get the services she needs.

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This post is almost 3 years old. So your daughter must be 5 now. what she was diagnosed with?
My daughter just completed 2 years. She babbles few words like mamma, baba , dada etc..can identify around 20 things now. looks very intently at TV or books..always wants something new - new toys, utensils ..anything new..She can stand for 4-5 seconds. Her immunity is very weak I guess..If we take her to nursery, she will catch fever and lot of days will be wasted. So we don't take her out much. She had around 20 seizures between july 5 to august 6 2011. And she had one seizure on 8th march after 3-4 days on diarrhea. Doctors advised to stop her medicine. So she is off oxcarbazepine since Sept 2012. Getting anything on NHS is difficult. We waiting for portage, MRI, appointment with Neurologist for last 1 year. Pediatrician will take 2 months to print a letter to Neurologist and she is on waiting list at neurologist for 4 months. EEG on 12th march came abnormal and Pediatrician is saying that she probably has lissencephaly (smooth brain). But that will only confirm after MRI. waiting for them to call for MRI. Neurologist will probably in May.

How is your daughter now. Does she talk, walk? Any experiences you want to share with us? my wife takes lot of efforts on her..we are quite concerned about her future.

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