local cabinet maker in DC area?please

springplanterFebruary 5, 2013

We are about to start our kitchen remodel after 5 years or so of dreaming. During that time, we acquired a batch of 30 year old air dried walnut which we would like to use for the fronts of the cabinets, and due to the configuration of the kitchen, we are probably looking at some custom work on the box configurations.

Does anyone in the Washington DC- Maryland area have suggestions for a good cabinet maker who would be willing to work with us on this?


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Where do you live in the area? I have one in Southern Maryland.

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Thanks I am in the Silver Spring -Burtonsville area but willing to work with someone a few hours distant if they also want and are willing to work with me

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Interested if anyone responds to this. We'll likely go w/a traditional semi-custom, but i'm interested to compare to a local craftsman if people have good suggestions. I'm in Mclean VA.

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I am also located in the Silver Spring- Burtonsville area. We are using Oxford Cabinet Shop for our custon cabinets. I am not sure whether they would be willing to use the wood you have, but you can always give them a call to ask. Their number is 610-806-3460 (note this is a different number than they have used in the past, if you call the old number it refers you to this number), but keep in mind Jacob who runs the shop is Amish so he doesn't always use the phone. Run a google search for oxford cabinet shop and gardenweb and you will find a good amount of information about them.

Many people here love Dutchwood Cabinets (another amish/mennonite custom cabinet maker), but I found that they are no longer willing to travel more than 2 hours which puts us outside of their area.

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I am a cabinetmaker but I am in NC but we have used peoples wood many times and if you are willing to work with someone out of state and we can ship or deliver them to you then give us a call.

Travis Alfrey Woodworking
Pinehurst, NC

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Check out the Cabinet Makers Association website, they have a shop locator. Should be a few in your area

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infinite quest is in Baltimore Mom and Pop shop with all the equipment of a national company in a small ugly old building.

They take for ever to finish. Been waiting on 3 orders with them I paid for first week or two of Dec. 2 still not done.

They do good work and have price that is fair comperable to Lowes and Home Depot pricing.

I am sure they would use your wood. 301.222.3592

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