Allergy Appointment

victory_tea2085February 9, 2009

My 3 yo has his first allergy appointment this coming Friday. They called and said not to give him vitamins or antihistamines for a week, why is this? Thanks, Paul

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Why is he going for an "allergy appointment"?
The reasons for mo antihistamines is because that inhibits the body's response to allergins....but don't know wh7y no vitamins.
Linda C

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Probably "no vitamins" because he could be allergic to something in the vitamin pill - frequently a binder used to hold the pill together.

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He will probably be given a "scratch test." They have him lie on his stomach without his shirt. With a needle, they make 30 or so scratches in rows on his back and put a little potentially allergy substance in each scratch. Then they watch it for 20 minutes or so and see which scratches react to the substance. They cannot touch or scratch these itchy scratches. It is awful. I did it with a 5 or 6 year old. Our pediatrician had said to go to an allergist only when life is awful and we cannot go on the same. He was not sleeping because he was sneezing and coughing so much. And I have to warn you that you get false positives and false negatives too. Then from those results, they know what to have you avoid and they develop shots. They want to see what he will react to. I have to say that the allergist had more effective medicines he prescribed than did the pediatrician.

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