Favorite umbrella stroller?

slowrunner40January 15, 2002

I am searching for a nice umbrella stroller and willing to spend a bit of money for a good quality one. I was looking at the Perego Pliko and compared the Zooper with it and the Zooper won in my view. I have heard many good things about the Maclaren but haven't seen one to test. Any feedback is appreciated.

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our stroller isn't an umbrella stroller but it does fold up as small as one and is extremly light weight. I ordered ours from the site below. The price was very good compared to the one store around here that carried it and by ordering it you can choose the fabric from seversl patterems. I chose the Galaxy because the bright green wheels make it easy to spot when we go on vacation to Disney or Universal Studios. The best part about this stroller is that it has a shoulder strap to carry it around when it is folded and ti will hold a child up to 45 lbs. That is the highest weight I could find on a stroller other than a jopgging stoller or one that cost $300. It does take a little getting use to because of the way it is designed to go over rough surfaces. Because eash wheel can move up and down on its own it feel like it isn't sturdy. It is very sturdy but sways a little because of the way it is made.

Here is a link that might be useful: combi stroller store

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IMHO I'm not impressed with the MacClaren, other than it folds up nice and small. I have a number of friends who have their double stroller version and they all look like they've been run over by trucks!! The seats look saggy, they don't stay in the upright position, etc... I'd also look for one with large wheels!!!Especially if you walk alot or live in an area with alot of ruts in the road, construction in the summer, or cracked sidewalks!! (Hello from Chicago!!!! Can you tell we have aweful sidewalks and streets! : P Hope this helps. I'm eager to by a running stroller for all these reasons. : ) Laya

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You should really try the SUBV. It is made to go over rough areas. Joggers are known for wide hard turning and they do not fold well at all.

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I have a MacLaren and a Combi, they're both good, but I prefer the MacLaren.

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I'm looking for a good one to replace my Combi (which I don't like at all because it doesn't turn very well at all!). I just found out about Maclaren and was wondering how sturdy they are, how well they turn, etc. I'm moving overseas and need something! Anyone else have suggestions?

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I just went looking at good quality umbrella strollers yesterday. We are going away next month and I need a lightweight stroller to take with us. I really liked the Combi SUB V that sha lyn was taking about. It is $39.99 at BuyBuy Baby. They also had the Maclaren for $99.99. ArabellaMiller - What didn't you like about the Combi? Do you think the Maclaren is worth an extra $60? I didn't really look at the Maclaren too closely. I thought $100 was a lot of money to spend on an umbrella stroller.

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I always go there to see what people are saying about products.

We are Greco lovers in our family... you may have picked by now, what did you go with? VERY curious....

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blueberry muffin company. It works like a charm! You should try it.

P.S. they taste good too!

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I have gone through 4 strollers and my favorite is my jogging Avalon stroller they're great, but I have recently bought an aprica Presto which is lightweight and strong with a capacity of 70 lbs for short trips it is wonderful. My Son will be two in less than a month and still isn't walking so it's difficult to get around especially because I don't drive.

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