Best place for 2 yr old B-day party

rushaheartJanuary 14, 2004

Ok Parents....gather around and help this tired ole SAHM! My son's 2yr birthday is coming up and I dont know where to take him.

Im wanting a place that is indoors where he & his friends can run around and not get hurt (or into things). Are there any places that are just for kids and this situation? Someone suggested Chuck E Cheese....but he is only 2 and I doubt he would be interested in the big boys toys. I have checked out some science museums with hands on exhibts, but it was too expensive to accomadate everyone.

Any suggestions? Cant have it at our place cause we have no fence and nothing to entertain the kids outside. (its January here and the weather is sooo unpredictable).



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Is this a big family party? If not, I would have a simple party at home with only a few age-mates. A party for a 2-year-old only needs to last an hour or two, and doesn't need to be fancy. You don't need to have a lot of space for the kids to play, either. A living room or family room with some toys is enough.

My niece lives with me, and for her two-year-old party we invited four age-mates, a few older kids, and parents. We ate cake and ice cream, opened gifts, played, and then ended. It was wonderful!

I have been to two large parties for 2-year-olds where the birthday boy or girl just fell apart from the unusual stimulation.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

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I hate to say this but I agree. At 1, 2 and 3 I just did simple at home parties where they had no more than 3 little friends over for a 'play date', then got to dive into some cake and chow down.

Believe me, the $ adds up and I see you are a save the bucks for 4 and up! You'll need it then! :-)

My DD is a December baby so the weather never cooperates. I just set up toys in the house for them to play with and have fun. With only 3 or so kids it was just exactly right.

Congratulations on the upcoming celebration!

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What about gymboree or some other indoor place that has kids gym or music classes? There is also a place near us that's a large warehouse that sells playground equipment. They have a few different "rooms" that are their showrooms and they parties as well.

Is it warm where you are? Could everyone just meet at a local park for the party. Playground parties are loads of fun. There's a new handicaped accessible park near my home that is a very popular place for parties since some of the equipment is novel.

Good luck.


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I'd suggest having it at home also. Once you get started on these toddler parties, you end up being invited to every one and you have to buy a present too. It gets expensive very quickly.

Could you possibly temporarily remove furniture from maybe the living room, dining room or child's bedroom to make more room? I think an indoor camping theme might be fun (without the sleepover). You could make tents out of sheets and blankets and have the kids play in there. Any other theme you might have going, like bugs or Elmo could be worked into it too. You could have hot chocolate and other appropriate foods. Fake foliage and stuffed animals could be used to dress up the area.

I'm suggesting this because someone gave my two boys a play tent for Christmas and they love it. They'll take toys in there sometimes and play instead of running around the house.

Have fun with whatever you do.

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Personally, I gave my 2 year old a relatively big party. We used the tiled conference room of our complex (easy clean-up and didn't have to worry about breakage). But I did have to put together a whole theme. One Mom I know used the same theme for the 2nd and 3rd birthday--a soft, gymboree like room. Only the expense isn't there, because it's in the county rec center. She rented one of the rooms for cake and ice cream, and the soft room for an hour of running and jumping fun. It was really good for "cross ages" (2-7 year olds) since development wasn't an issue (and it was very much an issue in my own theme party). Good luck!

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I agree with the other posters about the merits of a simple small-scale at-home or playground party and save the money now because as your little one gets older the parties will get more elaborate and more expensive. But I can totally understand wanting to have it elsewhere with no mess and no fuss.

Gymboree and The Little Gym are good options for 2-year olds. Another option is checking into local gymnastics schools. If they offer recreational Mommy-me classes for 2-year olds, they might handle parties for kids that age too.

Good luck!

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Another idea, although I agreee with keeping it small and at home as ideal. But as a preschool teacher for young two-year-olds (meaning the just-turned twos, since obviously ALL 2yos are YOUNG!) I think you can't go wrong with wither moving out the furniture and making it a pretend campout, or as another possibility, do you have a Tumblebus or other mobile gymbus? Or could you rent a big jumpoline for the day?

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I'm sure by now you've had your party. I disagree with at home parties being easier. I think they are much more work & you have to clean up before & after & ther is allot of planning & space issues to content with & possibly weather issues. I think after food & papergoods & loot bags & games & prizes, etc. the price isn't all that much different, especially if you are going to have some sort of entertainment at home (had Clifford come for her 1st bdy). I had my 2 yr old bdy party at a petting zoo, which did pony rides & let them hold baby animals & it was awesome for the kids - that age & older & the parents too.


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