Cream for Exterior Trim - Help!

ZeldaRJuly 27, 2011

We live in a brick front, split foyer house. We've decided to paint the front door red (probably SW Chanticleer SW2912) and the shutters black (probably SW Tricorn Black), and now we are trying to figure out what color cream for the trim. We thought settling on a red was going to be our hardest battle. We were wrong - picking the right cream trim color is way harder!! Trim is a big deal for us, bc we have four columns and lots of trim around the front door. The trim currently is a dark yellow/cream, and we'd like to make it lighter (less dark/less yellowish). Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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We're having a dickens of a time picking a white for the body of our small cottage, so I can tell you what we've learned so far. We want a white that doesn't look like primer but also doesn't look like butter. We have black windows and doors. SW Roman Column looks too buttery for us. We then tried SW Westhighland White, which we had left over from the interior, and when we painted it over the RC, you could barely tell a difference. Then we tried SW Pure White in a couple areas and it may lean toward the primer, when are they going to put on the top coat, look. We haven't found much in SW between Westhighland and Pure White. I have a chip of BM Simply White which may work. Our next move will either be the BM or Westhighland cut down 50% so it's whiter. We live next door to a yellow house so that could be an issue as well. For you, I think Westhighland may be the ticket and could even be too white.

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I am using Ben Moore Chatsworth Cream as a trim color on my house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chatsworth cream

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Ben Moore Sail Cloth?

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I used Ivory Tusk for trim; it's a BM color, but I had SW mix it in Duration Exterior. My siding is dark red (BM Cottage Red.) Looks great. For what it's worth, I copied the color combination from a NYS Historic Site called Johnson Hall, except that building is painted with Ivory Tusk and the shutters are red. I was told that these colors are very close to the original paint from the 1700s. The paint was analyzed during restoration.

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