Varathane on black cabinets

pokyhokyJuly 27, 2010

Hello ... I am in the midst of painting my cabinets black and distressing along the edges, using a SW oil-based paint. They look great, but when I brush on the Diamond Varathane (and the doors are lying flat), it runs down the edges and dries white underneath. I spend so much time, putting it on very thin, going over and over the edge, trying to get up every bit of excess, but then .... the white. Of course, this stuff is hard as nails (great!) but tough to sand off. I've tried natural and synthetic brushes, foam brushes, and I've always thought this was the easiest step. Any recs?

Thanks so much,


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That's the reason why I don't use it.

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Would a wipe-on poly be better?

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Love, love, love wipe-on poly!! Good thing you're doing a distressed finish!

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Yeah, no kidding! Thanks for the tip - wipe on poly it is ....!!!

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