15 month old Throwing Food!!

christy2828January 3, 2007

My 15 month old loves to throw food when she eats at her highchair. She's been doing it for about 5 months. We've tried scolding her, ignoring her, scolding her again, teaching her to hand it to us if she doesn't want it, not working. I'll only give her a few pieces of food, and she'll eat just fine. Then she'll throw the rest. She'll eat what she likes, and then throw what she doesn't like. She knows I don't like it, she's even put the food in her mouth, chewed it a little, and then thrown it! Any suggestions on how to curb this undesirable behavior? Thanks! Christy

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Yell at her!! Tell her in no uncertain terms that throwing food is not allowed and immediatly take her out of the highchair and remove her dinner.
She will cry and whine....and you tell her it's because she throws her food.
Then put her back and feed her....no food on her tray. Do that for a few days and eventually give her something for her to eat herself....if she throws it, start all over again. But she needs to see that there are consequences of misbehaving....and she is certainly old enough to learn that.
Linda C

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Thanks Linda, we'll try it. We did at dinner, but I don't think she cared. We'll keep up with it, we'll get her attention. Pat me on the back, I got her to get off the stairs twice today!! Thanks again :) Christy

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This too shall pass....and before you can blink she will be 13 and you will be soooo stupid and out of touch with the real world, you will wonder how you even manage to get out of bed in the morning! LOL !..And food throwing will look like the good old days!
Hang in there!
Linda C

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I think I would try ignoring her. I know this will be messy, but how about your try it out for a week, and see what she does. She might just be doing it, because you react.

Other than that, reward her for good behaviour.

She will get over it, but I know you think it will go on forever when you are stuck in the moment. But it will get better.

Is she a good eater, you could be happy with that !


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Do you put her food in a bowl or on a plate or just on the tray of the highchair? Does she have a spoon or fork so she can try to feed herself. My grandson, who is also 15 months old does the same, but only the food that my DD puts on the highchair tray. He doesn't throw the food that's in a bowl. Does she sit at the table and eat with you or do you all eat across the room in front of the TV?

It's important that she be socialized to become part of the family meal. When I eat with my daughter and her husband, I always sit at the table with my DGS and we eat together. He does much better with me, and when he starts to throw food, I just put my hand over his and gently push his hand down onto the tray. He lets go of the food. I will put his fork or spoon back in his hand and he'll stab at his food. He actually gets a piece now and then! I will give him small pieces of my meal on my big fork.

He's learning, one tiny step at a time. He loves having a small fork and bowl, just like Nana.

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Yes, she has a plate and spoon or fork. We eat 3 meals a day at the table, everyone (who's home) eats together. I have tried ignoring her, didn't work. She is getting better, she throws less, but still throws. She likes to feed the dogs, they've been banished from the room during all meals. She does like to be rewarded for good behavior, I'm trying to show her that if she doesn't want it, to hand it to me instead of throwing it on the floor. I don't always like what I receive :) We're still trying!! Thanks for the suggestions :) Christy

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