A follow-up question to my 'real food for 10 mo old' post...

Jill_NCJanuary 31, 2002

Thanks to everyone who posted ideas for alternatives to baby "puree" to feed my almost 11 mo old DS. I have been experimenting and he seems to be enjoying the new tastes, but tentative on the textures.

Here's the follow up question/situation:

Since DS has tasted "the good stuff", he no longer eats much baby mush, but still has an aversion to some textures. I've been feeding him a little bit off my plate, but he's not getting enough food to constitute a meal. When you feed your child finger foods, or mashed up grown-up food, how do you know how much they're getting? With baby food I knew how many jars he ate and how many calories he's getting. I know I sound totally anal! I have always had a problem with him waking at night (3-4x a night) and discovered part of the problem was that he wasn't getting enough calories and added a snack near bedtime. I just don't feel that he'll get enough calories with finger foods alone - at least until he's gotten more used to them. Any ideas or input??

Thank you SO much for your responses!

PS--in my original post, someone responded about me being a 1st time mom. I have a 12 yr old, so I've pretty much forgotten all the baby stuff. My oldest also had a milk allergy, which my 11 mo old seems to have avoided. I also had a choking episode with my oldest, which freaks me out with my little one (I do know CPR).

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Put a couple tablespoons of each food on a plate for him. Then you'll know how much he ate (minus what you scoop up off the floor, LOL). My ped with my first child told me to feed my son for 20 mins or until he lost interest, which ever came last. After 20 mins if he was still interested, let him continue. Or if I spent 20 mins trying to get him to eat and he wouldn't, time to give it up til the next meal. That helped me put some guidelines to it.

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Thanks Stephanie! Makes sense.

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Yeah, I'd let him eat until he's lost interest. Unless he's underweight or you're concerned that he's not getting enough calories, I don't think you need to watch that sort of thing. I assume he's still drinking formula or breast milk- he's definitely getting all the nutrition he needs from either source.

If he doesn't get enough to eat one day, he'll certainly make up for it in the next few.

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