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lora_2007January 3, 2007

hello , to mothers with boys , i have a 3yr old son ,who doesnt want to play with his boy toys , i have a 2yr old daughter also , and he seems to want to play with only her toys . at x-mas we bought him many very nice superman and powerranger toys , but he didnt want them , he wanted to play with his sisters kitchen and her tea set ..i dont want to read to much in it , but hes getting out of hand with it .. can someone help me ...

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Ignore it....boys can cook too.
My daughter firmly believed that toys should have no "gender bias". She has 3 boys and a girl. Before the girl was born there were trucks and dolls side by side...and kitchens and play food. She found the dolls sleeping in a truck and the trucks loaded with plastic slices of bread and pretend fried eggs. She also firmly believed that children should have no toys that even looked slightly like a gun....and found the boys "shooting" each other with a banana!
Don't worry....playing in the kitchen is good for boys.
Linda C...Grandmother to 6 boys.

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I'd ignore it also. My two boys were highly interested when dd got her first cooking set. They played with it as much as she did. They liked to help out in the real kitchen too.

As far as the toys he is ignoring like Power Rangers and Superman. I wouldn't worry about that either. I've found my children's favorite toys are the ones they pick out themselves. The favorite toy may end up being something else like scotch tape, scissors, and a cardboard tube from toilet paper.

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At 3 he's way too young for power rangers and superman....stick to sponge Bob and Blues Clues.
Play food and dishes are something he knows about.
Linda C

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I wouldn't worry about it and linda is right...I doubt he can get into Power Rangers and Superman at age three.

How about trains, cars, balls, Buzz Lightyear, Bob the Builder, Diego? Again, though, I wouldn't worry if he still gravitates towards the more girlish toys--They may just be giving him a better opportunity for imaginative play. Plus, I notice kids always want to play with other people toys more....Why don't you try giving him a barbie doll and your daughter a train set and see if he doesn't want to play with "her" toy instead of his.

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I recently heard about a little boy in FL whose parents interpreted his desire to play with dolls when he was 2 years old, as a sign that he was genetically ingrained to be a girl, so naturally they started dressing him as a girl and calling him by a girl name. This is how perverted our society has become!! I believe the parents are being charged for child abuse or endangerment, not sure which...

I'm a stay-at-home Mom, so my son naturally emulates what he sees all day when we are home. He likes to "help" me cook, he loves to help clean the windows and vaccuum, and my proudest moment was when he asked Daddy to take him shopping :))

Don't sweat it Mom, your son is very normal. Keep in mind though, this is probably not the story that he wants you to tell when he brings home his first girlfriend.

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