is there anger management ?

foggyjJanuary 19, 2009

My 3 year old DGD, has anger issues. She has yelling fits, screaming at her mother and her father. I know it's normal to try to exert her independence, but this seems too frequent and intense. She's not a spoiled child, there have always been consequences for not obeying. Time outs, toys taken away, priviledges taken, etc.

She has a sister, one year old. There were jealousy issues, but my DD tries very hard to give GD every bit of attention while GD2, is sleeping. It seems to have gotten better.

The outbursts happen in the mornings, when she doesn't get her way, or, at dinner time. No pattern.

I told DD to document the behavior and talk with the pedatrician about it. It happens too often, and makes for a lot of pleasant days.

But, then, several days will go by and she'll be wonderful. Sweet little self again. It's frustrating.

Anyone have something similar, and what did you do?

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just keep up with it, I guess.

maybe its diet related.

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That's a tantrum at that age, not 'anger' per se.

Punish age appropriately. At that age, kids pick bad habits up.

When my daughter was that age, I would focus on a particular behavior that I wanted to correct for a week. Timeouts of her favorite toys were particularly effective.

3 hours timeout of toy in top of closet for 3 year olds.

Then if the behavior subsided, when I got the toy back down, I would remind her why it was put away, and that if the behavior reappeared, it would go in timeout again. (in language she can understand of course).

Regular sitting in the corner timeouts never worked, but the toy timeout worked wonders.

Also make sure she is well-fed and that it's not just hunger grumpies.

And one last tidbit. Don't feed into it with yelling back. That only escalates matters and teaches them it's ok.

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I remember Dr. Lendon Smith recommended a quick protein snack--peanut butter daub on cracker or apple slice, cheese, meat, yogurt. Then allow 15 or 20 minutes to digest. I was amazed at the difference.

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Candy, and empty carbs are the root of this I think.. but maybe not. All kids go through A 'wild' phase

Its not well thought of in our society , but its scientific fact not fiction that if you put a child out in the wilderness and assuming it would survive- many do not- it would quickly return to being a simple primate.

Watch 'dog girl' on you tube to get an idea of this, its actually quite sad.

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Thanks everyone. My GD's father is a chef, so the family eats very well. He doesn't do junk food.
I just wish they could get a handle on it. She hasn't taken naps since she was two and a half. She gets tired, but won't lay down. DD usually trys a DVD she's seen many times, and GD will sit to watch that. Instead of getting sleepy, she gets bored, and gets up to do something else.

She had a tantrum with ME, when I was visiting. I was told to get her hair pulled back into a ponytail, before sitting down for dinner. She wanted her hair left alone. She was told she couldn't sit at the table unless her hair was back. She put up a fit. We ignored her, and finally I got her hair back, but she got away and shook her head around to mess up her hair! She got sent to her room, which has not much in it, except books.
She pulls this "power struggle", stuff all the time.
Maybe someday, she'll outgrow it, then there's her little sister........LOL Poor DD., Been there, done that.

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Naughtyness,, don't worry she'll out grow it

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That's what I thought too.

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Sounds like she may be having low blood sugar.....maybe high protein snacks mid morning and mid afternoon would help.
I know when my blood sugar gets low I have anger problems and have been know to yell, cry or have a tantrum and I am a grandma.

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foggyj I guess it's just part of being a girl huh?

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