How do I fix a bad spray paint polyurethane job?

abw1401July 28, 2010

sanded down, primed, and hand-painted a wooden dresser in a green color. My husband was tasked with the final job - spraying a water-based polyurethane satin coat for durability/protection. Instead of doing long even strokes (he's not a fan of following directions) he must have spray painted some kind of circles on it because this is how it looks now (even after I repainted another thin coat of the green on top of it):

Here is my question - how do I fix it? Do I have to get a power sander, sand it way down, and repaint the green (hand sanding got me nowhere) or can I use a brush and just paint on a couple more coats of polyurethane (using a paintbrush this time instead of a spray paint)?

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I'd take the smallest drawer and brush on a few coats of poly. See if that doesn't even things out. If it doesn't, you may have to sand, prime, repaint and re-poly the whole thing.

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If you can feel bumps or humps, then those will likely show through the paint until you sand them off. There is really no need to use a poly for profects like this anyway. Just use high quality 100 percent acrylic paint in a washable finish (satin, semi-gloss, etc) and you should be done. The only time you may want to use a poly is when the paint is flat, but the better option is always going to be using a washable paint if you are looking for durability. Putting a poly on top of a paint does not make it more durable unless you are using really crappy paint.

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