nursing, weaning and trouble conceiving (long)

Coras_MomJanuary 6, 2002

My daughter is 14 months old and is nursing. We are trying to get pregnant again, but are having trouble (no trouble conceiving DD) My OB thinks that it may be the continued nursing that is causing the problem and recommends weaning (apparently it is possible to have your period, but not ovulate). My plan prior to the problem conceiving was to let DD nurse until she weaned herself (thinking she would wean herself at about a year). Well I am not getting any younger, would like to have another child and our daughter isn't showing any signs of weaning. Has anyone else had a problem getting pregnant due to nursing? Will weaning her before she is ready cause any ill effects? Any information would be helpful.

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My girlfriend got pregnant while nursing. Her daughter wasn't nursing as much (weaning on her own). I beleive her daughter was 15 months when she got pregnant so it is possible to nurse and get pregnant. I myself pumped my milk for my son who could not eat by mouth due to being born with no suck, gag, or swallow reflex so I don't know of any adverse affect on making her stop. Good luck!

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I have had all my boys weaned at different times...
My second one was weaned from breast to bottle at about 11 months. He would accept either breast or bottle of formula and not have a preference...Other than he could walk around with the bottle. :o)
Your daughter will NOT suffer any ill affects if you chose to wean her now...
Also too, with all mine, I was "fertile" again around 16 months, not any sooner that I knew last one has just weaned at 19 months. ( He never would take a bottle or pacifier.)

Eventually your fertility will return wether or not you are breastfeeding...I'd say if it hasn't yet, it will in the next few months...

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It is DEFINITELY possible to get pregnant while nursing. A friend of mine had twins and was successfully breastfeeding them. She recovered from the labor and delivery very quickly, and she and her hubby resumed "relations" just 2 weeks later. At 10 weeks postpartum, she found out she was pregnant again! (That pregnancy turned out to be ectopic, and she had to have surgery)

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It IS possible to get pg while bf (I've known three people who did!) but biologically your chances of ovulating are greater if you are not... 14 months is not too early to wean your daughter -- try making a slow transition so that you just nurse her less and less frequently (and be sure to make up for the lost cuddle time!) Good luck!

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