Snowman Craft Proecjt for toddlers

michie1January 3, 2003

I belng to a church Moms & Tots & in 2 wks it's my wk to come up with the activty - usually a craft project. I was hoping to do something with a winter/snowman theme. Most of the 20 kids are 2-4 yrs old. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do with them?


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I should really read my posts before I click submit - I meant "project" not "proecjt".Duh.


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In my DD's class they built a snowman out of pretzel sticks for arms, and marshmallows. My DD ate hers so I don't know any more details than that! LOL Maybe you can search for marshmallows and snowmen... or maybe the people on this forum have actually done the project.

OR: Use cotton balls and blue construction paper, and do snowmen art by gluing the balls to the paper, and using twigs or yarn to accessorize the little guy.

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