Throwing up ?

kathyanddaveJanuary 9, 2008

I hope someone can tell me that this is just a phase and my 3 year old will outgrow it, so here goes... My DS has always had an easy gag reflex, where my DD would sometimes get choked on things, my DS ALWAYS gaged and threw up. Now a few years later we are in the terrible 3's and almost EVERY SINGLE time he starts crying or throws a tantrum it ends up with him vomiting. I'm not talking about spitting up a little mucas in his throat, I'm talking fill up a big tupperware bowl, or have to strip the bed, do laundry, and give him a bath, vomiting. I'm kinda at wits end trying to decide how to dicipline him, because no matter what we do, time out, stand in the corner, taking toys away, swats on the bottom, it always ends up with me cleaning up a huge mess. Has anyone else had to deal with this problem?

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My 4 year old daughter has also done this, although not so much anymore. She would throw these raving temper tantrums and cry until she threw up unless she got her way. It's awful and I feel for you!!. I've even told my daughter, "If you cry until you throw up, you'll be in big trouble!!" How mean is that??

I'm sad to tell you that I never did figure out how to stop it. I just never gave in to her demands, cleaned up the vomit when it happened, and after a while she just decided that she wasn't going to do it anymore.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that at the age of 3 a child sometimes has trouble putting his or her feelings into words, so it might help if you could trying restating what you think the problem is from his point of view so that he knows you at least get it, and then tell him why that's not okay or he's not allowed. My 4 year old still throws tantrum from time to time, and I'll just tell her, "Use words. Use words. Mommy doesn't know what the problem is if you can't tell me." After she gets it out and I understand, she calms down a lot. It seems like just a lack of communication is the reason for the meltdown sometimes.

Anyway, I don't know how helpful my thoughts will be to you, but good luck and hang in there!!

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I don't really have any experience with this, but I recall a friend of mine had a similar problem with her daughter. I don't know if it was really limited to tantrums, but the daughter would throw up at strange times.

Anyway, the girl ended up having a rather bad case of reflux. I know crying casues reflux to act up in babies, so I would guess it could do the same in younger kids to. I don't know if you've mentioned this behavior to your child's doctor but you probably should because I don't really think it is normal and even if it's not reflux, there may be some other medical problem behind it. And, even if they can/do rule out a medical problem, they may have some good ideas to help you deal with it. Just put a call in to them and ask what they think.

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Oh I ever know what you are talking about!!
That describes my son to a T!!
He was always a "thower-upper" as a baby....where other babies would spit up a little, he would throw up what looked like his whole feeding....and understandably I showed concern.
There was nothing wrong but a touchy stomach and a kid who knew how to manipulate.
There is no magic's physical as well as emotional and manipulative....just deal with it....and show as little concern as possible.
My son threw up when he was worried, when the tornado sirens sounded, when he had to deal with a bulley, when he was worried that he might throw up....and eventually he got over it. By the time he was 9 ro 10 it was not a big issue.
But forever more he has had a touchy digestive system...he's now well grown up with teenagers of his own and gets bouts of irritable bowel...had an easy gag reflex etc.
It's just the way they are made.
But once I realized that I was being manipulated and said things's a bucket....throw up there if you are going to throw up and walked out of the room....things got a little better....not a lot better! LOL!! Just a little bit!
Remember...he can't help all of it....anxiety makes it worse....and he's got your number!!
Linda C

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Oh my and lindac I am so glad to hear that other kids do this, and I don't feel like such a bad mom now since I have on occasion given him a bowl and said 'if you don't throw up in the bowl, you are going to have to clean it up yourself.' :) I guess if there is any silver lining to all this is that I very rarely worry about him choking on anything since he has such an easy gag reflex. I suppose I'll just ride it out, and see if he outgrows it, if not I'm sure he'll be the life of the party when he turns 21 and starts drinking :)

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I had a wise doctor when he was your son's age. He told me that there was nothing wrong with the kid...that he would outgrow this stage...but he would always be the kid that throws up before going to school for the big test and who runs back stage and throws up before his solo in the concert etc.
And even now he has trouble if you open a can of tuna around him....but he did learn pretty well to deal with dirty baby diapers!!
This too shall pass!
Linda C

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Tell your kid next time they throw up, they are gonna eat it. That's how my mom got me to stop when I was younger.

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