Soo bored!

prettybutterflyJanuary 14, 2002

What can I do for my bordem? I am a sahm with 2 toddlers. The park and library is like a 40 mile round trip. Way too far just for those things. The only other mommy I know works. We never planned to be here long so, didn't bother meeting new people. And don't know if there is any programs or things. I highly doubt they are any closer than 20 miles around here. We live in the counntry. I am just bored out of my mind alot of times and don't know how to entertain me or my boys at the same time. Any ideas?

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Would you be interested in crafts? I started painting things when my son was 9 months old and he's almost 3. I first started buying those things that were pre-made (ceremic or wood) and then I just painted them. I also started going through the house and repainting things that I didn't really think fit in. I've just went from there. The Crafts and Decorations forum is really a great help, but it went to a paying forum. You can just lurk and get ideas and e-mail someone (like me) to post questions and things. The other thing is that my son can paint with me. He loves to get some paper and go to town and the fridge is always covered in artwork!

Hope you find something to interest you! I know what it's like to be stuck at home~we only have one car.


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There are a number of computer programs for toddlers. You can spend a lot of time with them and your children. Both the "Jump Start" series and "Reading Rabbit" series have interesting ones that will help entertain your little ones. The colors attach the eye and there is back group music. they will learn to use the mouse and later the key board.

The Disney ones that we have gotten have all seemed very slow to load and difficult for the children to do on their own.

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Arthur programs for the PC are entertaining even for an adult (don't ask me how I know) :-), and another popular one with my DD and nephew is Maisy Mouse.

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Well, I don't have any answers, but I can identify with you. I'm out in the country too, and of course, it being winter, it's not like we can spend much time outside. I went to the library and got a couple of books detailing things to do with toddlers, but my 21 month old's attention span is not that great (although strangely enough he can sit for an hour in front of the computer listening to music and playing with "Jump Start" - I'm worried I'm raising a couch potato!). I've heard people recommend finger painting, but I just can't see that he has enough self control not to make an incredible mess. And of course that'll only take up 15 minutes of a very long day. Do other SAHM's spend the vast majority of their day entertaining the kids?

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I don't know where you live, so this may be irrelevant. We've been having 60 degree temperatures the last few days. I'd suggest you take the kids out for a nature walk. I grew up in the country and I love to get out and go walking and so does ds. You can walk through the woods, around a pond, or on a lightly traveled road if you like. You might even try to make it into a type of scavenger hunt by looking for birds, new flowers popping up, or wildlife.

When I was a small kid, we used to have a "bookmobile" (a small van) that brought us books from the library every week. We could choose books from what they had on the bookmobile or could put in a special request. We had a limit about the same as they had at the main library. You might check with your library to see if they provide this type of service.

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Yes, the computer games are great! We bought a Mickey Kitchen game last year when we bought our computer. DS got really into it a few months ago. He loves when people come over so he can show him how he cooks! We also got a free Chutes & Ladders game from a cereal box that he loves right now. He doesn't like to play the actual game so much but they have games and the Golden Rule book that shows little movies to tell you what to do and what not to do at the park, zoo and circus. My brother also bought him the Mickey Mouse preschool program. It is designed so that it won't progress until the child gets the thing right. They have a few differnt little shops at Daisy's diner and gas station that teach different skills. Shane loves it. It's probably a little hard for him but they're are lots of things he can do with it and later on he'll learn more from it.


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you might look into a county based mommy-n-me program. around here it's only once a week, the class lasts about 45 minutes, and costs somewhere between $30-45 for a 6-8 wk class. DS and I just took a craft class, where we painted, glittered, and had fun together. Those are excellent places to meet stay at home moms, too. Once you meet a few moms and get some play dates lined up, the boredom might let up. It sure did for me. :)
good luck!

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As long as you have the right clothes, you can go outside in the winter, and little kids love it--mine always seem to have a better tolerance for cold weather than I do. As long as the cold's not inherently dangerous, you can go on a nature walk in the winter, or go on the swings and the slide.

Sounds like you need a project, though--sort of "at home" work that isn't housework. Something that makes you feel you've moved forward toward a goal, even if it's painting the porch or knocking together shelves for the attic.

The thing about most stuff we do around the house is that we just have to do it over and over--vacuuming, dishes, etc. Perhaps if you felt you were working on something, had a goal, could see progress, YOU wouldn't be bored.

Your kids won't be bored no matter what you're doing; they'll think everything's fun. The hardest part of whatever you pick will be deciding what they can do and what they can't--can you cover the floor and walls with newspapers (can they help?) and give them a paint brush? And of course, the inevitable conflict between "playing" on the project and actually accomplishing anything on the project; us grownups get impatient and want to get it done, and the kids are dinking around. Of course, you can do the bulk of it when they're napping, perhaps. Then you'd have "work" time and "play" time, and would feel more able to really sink into "play" time with them.

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I too have had to fight off boredom. It's not so much that I don't know how to entertain my daughter, that's pretty easy. The problem is that it bores me to death to play at a 3 year olds level day in and day out. I need something for my own mind. I enjoy reading magazines and books, a lot of them I check out at the library. I can read when she naps or is interested in a special program on TV. Right now I have been making lists of plants I want to plant in the yard when spring comes (I like to garden).

We live in the country too and I love it. The people out here are so friendly. At first I could not find any groups to join for my daughter and I, she is very shy and needs to have me near her at this point in order to feel comfortable playing with others. We have a little local paper and I always read the "upcoming events" calander and for some reason right now there are at least three overlapping play groups/story time/mommy and me things that I have found. Some things I have found by meeting people. The mommy and me is thru community ed in our local school district.

Try calling the local school district, if they don't have a program they might know of who does. Maybe put an add in the paper to start a playgroup. I was going to do that but then found these other things. I have mentioned to the people I have met that I was thinking of organizing a summer time play group and have gotten a positive response. It seems summer is a time when there are no pre arranged groups already going, many of the ones I am in now correspond with the school year. The interesting thing I have noticed is the same people show up at all these different groups so I am pretty sure if I had put an add in the paper I would have met the same people anyway. What it does for me is to let me talk to other adults. Very important to keeping your sanity.

I also go to a gardening club once a month, that is just for me, not kids. The meetings are just so so but getting out and being with other people who have similar interests is good for my mental health! I don't get out much for things that are just for me but when I do they really refresh me. The country is a great place for people, especially kids.

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My son loves getting to "play" with the computer. We go to sites like and and he gets to see his favorite characters and play games. Also, Nick Jr. has printables--coloring pages and ideas to do with your kids.

He is also content with painting with me while I craft. Crafting is definately a good outlet for both of us.

Cleaning isn't a fun highlight for anyone, but you can make it interesting with your kids. Teach them things sorting clothes into colors and sorting toys into the right boxes.

Also, my son must have had the best time taking a walk with me one afternoon. We hadn't done anything like that, b/c the road is usually full of traffic, but during the day, not so many cars were out. We saw dogs and birds and all sorts of fun stuff. He asks me a lot if we can go again, and I tell him we will when it gets warmer.

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The forty mile round trip to the park and library might not be that bad. Do both, take a picnic luck for in between. Maybe once a week, or every other week. Maybe a zoo in town (even a little one?) I think just try to mix it up. The computer stuff is fun, but as they get older it seems to get out of proportion, so you need to be careful with it. Good luck.

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This might sound a little odd at first, but I followed the suggestion of some Waldorf-inspired parenting books and imposed a weekly routine on our seemingly endless days. I find it makes a big difference, if only because my daughter likes knowing what will happen next (and thus she rolls with it), and because I'm not constantly sweating over what to do with her (and thus I'm not reminded, quite so often, that I'm bored). It also allows me to think of household chores as family projects and not just the crap I have to get done while my daughter naps.

Here's a one day example:

-- Change bed sheets (a.k.a. make a tent, have a pillow fight, jump on the bed, be a ghost, play parachute etc.)

-- Sort laundry (learn your colors!)

-- Make cookies, bread, pretzels, peanut butter celery sticks or some other edible snack. (Add milk or juice. Snacktime!)

-- Play outside for 30-60 minutes, no matter the weather. Get dirty if possible. Collect souvenirs of your travels.

-- Clean up. Display souvenirs on special table or shelf designated for the day's treasures. Make a calming tea or a refreshing (sugarfree!) drink and curl up on the couch for a 30 minute video or some book time.

-- Lunch!

-- Nap for all!

-- Snack.
-- Outside again if it's a nice day. If not, drawing, painting, play dough or some other art project. (A recent family favorite: squeezing little blobs of glue onto construction paper and applying sequins to the glue.)

-- Free play while mom makes dinner. (This usually involves cutting up wooden vegetables on the kitchen floor or helping me stir pots.)

-- Dinner, bath, etc.....

I know this looks incredibly anal at first but in practice its effect is the opposite. Because you have a plan, it's actually EASIER to shift and change as things come up.

For more on Waldorf-style parenting and the importance of routines, check out "Beyond the Rainbow Bridge" and "You are your child's first teacher."

Hope you find a solution that works for you!!

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I think you should make the 40 mile round trip if there is a playgroup you can join at the library or park or where ever. It's worth it in my opinion and you may meet someone who lives near you who is also in your position.

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a 40 mile round trip is not all that much. many make that type of run just to get to work or the supermarket. I would make a point of going once a week. Set aside a definite time. Make it a learning experience....What are we going to look for today?? How many animals (of any kind) can you see? How many men, women, children, can you count?.....look for a blue house, a house with red shutters. Anything!!!!

There are going to be boring days. No doubt about that, but you can add a lot to each day. The idea of a daily schedule is a good idea. It may take a few days and a few adjustments to get one going that fits just right, but it will be well worth it.

I was keeping one grandson that went though a period of months where all he wanted to talk about was Fire Engines. Anywhere I went, I made it a point of driving slowly by any Fire Station that I could find. Sure, it was a bother, but it made the day go faster. Sometimes, you have to just look for the little things.

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You said you live in the country, maybe there is farm you could visit? Bring carrots to the cows/horses/sheep?

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