Brown Exterior House Needs Makeover!

andrewkillianJuly 18, 2012

My wife and I just bought this house but we feel like the exterior needs some contrast or more curb appeal. The house is on a mountain and we like natural tones and a more rustic style in general. We just want some suggestions on how to 'accent' the house, because every bit of it is the same color brown. Do we need to repaint the exterior a lighter color? Light trim on the brown? We would like to also spruce up the entry way/front porch. Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts or suggestions.

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Nice house, but relentlessly BROWN.

Going a few shades lighter or darker brown for the trim would stay in the "forest" range and add some visual interest.

The entry ... can you make a 2-flight entry stair? With a large enough landing for a planter or a bench or something in a bright color?

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Thanks lazygardens. Indeed,and well put, relentlessy BROWN! We think lighter brown trim would help, +/- shutters. Good idea on splitting the entryway stairs. It definitely needs something! There is brick beneath the ivy.Don't know if it would lighten it up to remove it...

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AK, I'd post this over on Home Decorating if I were you too! There are lots of people there with a good eye for design and color who could help you come up with ideas.

I like Lazygarden's ideas, but you may want a number of options and more feedback. There's more traffic over there!Someone may photoshop ideas for you, which is fun.

Good luck! Nice house you have there. You will find ways to enhance its beauty.

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Thanks for the tip stinky-gardener. first time here, still learning. will do

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