One year old hitting and biting...normal?

ashley0802January 21, 2009

My one year old son has gotten in trouble at daycare 4 times for biting other kids. I am worried about him because his dad and I are not together so im wondering if he is acting out because of that. I have told his doctor and the daycare says this is normal but I see all these kids that are very laid back and they dont hit or bite. Am I overreacting? Has anyone had experience with this?

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My one year old was a biter. I was very stern with a "NO!!!" I would completely go away from her, so she didn't get anything out of the bite but losing mommy. As for at daycare, I can't help you. I did become aware when she was in a position to bite, and just didn't let it happen. It can really hurt being bit by a baby!!!

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The daycare biters (friends' kids) I have seen are usually younger than the other kids at daycare and get overwhelmed by them. They boss them around, pick them up and lug them here and there, and won't let them alone, perhaps lovingly so, but they are so bossy. The biter doesn't know what to do when he or she wants to be left alone, so he or she will bite.

I have to say this is one thing other parents just will not stand still for. You and the daycare provider need to help him tell the others to back off and to give him an alternative to do to protect his rights. And the other kids, assuming this is what is happening, need to quit treating him like a sack of flour.

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