How to find an au pair job?

annkathrynJanuary 22, 2008

This is not an ad! I'm the mom of 2 teenagers and so I haven't needed a babysitter in quite a while. My question is, how would moms of young children go about looking for a babysitter or au pair?

A friend of mine in France has a teenage daughter who wants to come to the US for the summer as an au pair. Other than signing up for paid sites, which seem to favor longer-term arrangements, does anyone have ideas on how to help this friend search for this kind of summer job? I've been advised not to have her post on Craig's List.

How would you look for an au pair? Would local references be key? Would you just get referrals from friends or would you go through an agency?

Thanks all for your thoughts.


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I would go through an agency just because there's so much potential for something to go wrong, and with international laws, so much mess if things do go wrong.

If you're trying to help the girl find summer employment, you could check with a daycare center or pre-school, put the word out with your friends, or even call the high school to see if they've fielded calls from parents looking for summer sitters.

Of course, that tends to make you a little bit responsible for finding a 'nice' family to au pair for...

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Hi sweeby,
Thanks for your thoughts. I was concerned that an agency wouldn't be interested in just a 2-month engagement. Checking with my sons' high school career & counseling center is a good idea, but I'm thinking they'll only refer current students. I can try the elementary school though.


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Generally most of the parents rely on au pair agencies for hiring an Au pair. This is because any parents believe that they will be benefited from having some good Au pair agencies on their side. And also that Au pair agencies provide them with perfect child care worker and that woman will generally be expected to work several hours each and every day.

Here is a link that might be useful: Daycare survey

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