Best Black Paint for interior bookshelves

mfhcaJuly 17, 2011

I am painting my built-in bookshelves in LR black satin and need to find the right type of black paint. Painter used oil-based outdoor satin (which is ok to use for interior surfaces) but after 4 weeks, it chalks when you touch it and it scratches too easily. I need a durable paint in eggshell or semi-gloss - any ideas???

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Either SW ProClassic or BM Impervo should work for you. Both are used often for kitchen cabinets and woodwork. I used SW ProClassic semi-gloss in white to paint a half wall of 60's paneling and a built in bookshelf and it looks great and has worn well for a couple of years. I've noticed no peeling, chipping, scratching, or chalking.

Cabinet Coat which is found at Ace Hardware, I believe, is also recommended often is this forum.

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Is your existing Satin Oil paint on the shelves a PRE-tinted Black from the factory...


Is it a store-tinted color with a formula-label?

Search out a PRE-TINTED Black in Semi-gloss or Gloss.
ACE has-'em too. Call around first...
In High-Gloss, I've even got ACE Latex half-pints of Black, in addition to Qts.

Rule out Eggshell NOW.
It's just not a tight enough resin for this use.

Cabinet-Coat will only tint to Pastel tones.
(I WISH they had a pre-tint Black tho!!!)

Cure-time b4 ANYTHING goes back on?!?!
A month or more....
Not what you may WANT to hear...but it's what you HAVE to hear...:-(

You COULD look into an FPE Black. That stuff is UNreal.


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