For the protection of people's kids- if you have pets READ!

runsnwalkenJanuary 3, 2009

Go to You tube- and type in What's REALLY in your pets FOOD?

I'm sure every buddy ate pet food before they "grew out" of it...I know I did.

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What is it with you and pet food? ;-)

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Well.... I care... and I want both pets and people to be safe and live long healthy life's, children/pets are innoscent to the world and its problems( the best handicap of all IMO) its up to us to help keep them safe.

there's worse toxins kids get into much more rarely then pet food however - drain cleaner for instance- a woman had to have operations 3, in her throat/ect, or she would have died- drank drain cleaner like apple juice when she was 2.

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Sorry Runswalken -- Just saw your other post (Prevnair) and your dog food crusade makes more sense now. FWIW, I have a sweet, wonderful young son diagnosed with autism, and he is very, very happy and knows how much he is loved. Thankfully, he doesn't eat the dog's food, but he's a non-stop rice- and cheesaholic! ;-)

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I was the same about wanting to begin flying/ and wanted to " be an animal"- and chase the kids on the playground like a predatory creature. Stopped doing that in junior high, lol

I have Autism.

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