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kitchen_monsterJuly 12, 2010

Hello all.

I am hoping that you may be able to give me some advice. We are planning to paint our maple cabinets white and we are fairly certain that we will be using Cabinet Coat, which is a satin finish. We are debating between having it made in BM White Dove (an off white, but not cream) or BM Simply White (seems like a pretty straight forward 'white white'). If we use White Dove, we will probably have to paint all of the baseboards/door trim in the kitchen to match.. we may be able to get away with not doing it if we use Simply White, though.

But, we're having crown molding added to the top of the cabinets, and also around the entire kitchen at the ceiling (and in the dining room also). And I'm a little worried that if I paint the crown molding on the cabinets in cabinet coat also (satin) and the crown molding a regular latex paint in the same color but a semi-gloss finish (which is what is usually used for trim, correct?), that it will look 'off' since the crown molding at the ceiling will be right 'on top' of the cabinets. And if we went with the same satin/cabinet coat paint for all of the trim, should we also do the trim in the dining room satin (the rooms are next to one another)?

Hopefully this made sense.. it seems to be a little confusing to explain!

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There is nothing wrong with using satin on trim. There is no rule that says you need to use a semi-gloss on trim. It's personal preference for the most part, though I do think semi-gloss is a more appropriate sheen for older homes with the wider trim. For standard newer homes and projects, we use satin all the time.

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I like what Paintguy says about the sheen. I also don't think there's anything wrong with the white moulding in adjacent rooms not being an exact color match. I doubt anyone will notice!
We had ultra bright white in our dining room and swiss coffee in living and even when I pointed it out to my husband he couldn't tell the difference.. :)

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Crown moulding can be different colors from room to room. It can even be a different color than the moulding in the same room. I believe you will be fine with one sheen in kitchen, and another in adjacent rooms.
Lighting is different from one room to the other, as well. No rule says all moulding in house needs to be same color and sheen. It will look beautiful,

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