Mommy & Me classes are cancelled boo hoo

Momma_Bird_OHJanuary 30, 2003

I've been taking my 3 y.o. son to a Mommy & Me class at our city recreation center since he turned 2. It's really fun for him, there is a circle time w/songs and somersaults, 15 min. playing on the gymnastics equipment, art time, parachute time, then wrap up with a "parade" using toy instruments. He loves it becuase he knows what to expect and it's just FUN.

My city is in a budget crisis and the city council cut the rec center budgest WAY back. The Mommy & Me class is cancelled indefinitely. I'm so disappointed for both my own sake and for DS!

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Times must really be tough. Not provided by city, but I was taking an adult jazz dance class once a week. Just got a voicemail from the center owner that they can no longer do the class, due to lack of interest. BOO HOO! I am interested!

It was one of my few "me" activities that I did.

I hope you're able to find something to do with DS. The libraries in our area do reading circles that are free. Maybe he would enjoy that!

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Hi TREKaren! DH takes DS to story time at the library weekly - that's the "daddy and me" activity. Mommy & Me was our "mommy" activity. So I'll have to find something else. There is another rec center in the 'burb closest to us, they might have something but I'd have to pay the non-resident fee. Sorry about your jazz class, that sounds fun!

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Our local zoo has a free program that they do once a week. If you have a zoo in your area, that might be fun.

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Also pick up one of those local free parent magazines. Hopefully you have one in your area. The pediatrician offices usually have copies. Look thru them for ideas for all kinds of free activities at museums, farms, etc.

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