Pot filler do you have one? Are you glad?

kam76February 20, 2013

Just wondering for those that have a pot filler if you really use it/enjoy it or found it was an added expense. I am going to have a prep sink in an island across from the range so water will be fairly close.

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Last house, we didn't have a prep sink. I had a pot filler, in reality it wasn't that expensive to have it installed and I didn't purchase an over the top faucet--we had a Danze.

I enjoyed using it, found the convenience of the extra water spigot very helpful. I never worried that there wasn't a drain under it, as many will tell you why you shouldn't have one. My refrigerator had water running to it and it didn't have drain. Get a good plumber. Never leave it running when you walk away. Just common sense.

In this house however, I have a prep sink right behind the range. I didn't do one. Didn't even think about it at all. Don't miss it. I can sit pots on the counter, swing the faucet around and fill the pot, so I'm not even lifting it up and out of the sink now.

Oh, and another argument against the pot filler is people will tell you "but you have to schlep the pot of water to the sink to dump it"....Ok, when I make pasta I use a big strainer on a handle. And I'm not usually dumping soup, but rather serving it right from the stove.

Some people use their filler to fill the teapot. I usually use RO water for that or back in the old house, the Brita.

Good luck with your decision.

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I agree with everything bee said! I think it's nice to have but depending on your kitchen it's not necessarily a necessity. We just got ours last month. Sometimes I forget to use it and go to the sink anyway! lol I think in the long run (we don't have a prep sink on that side of the kitchen) it will be useful. I also like the way it looks and bee is right in saying it wasn't a huge expense.

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We like having ours. No, it wasn't a necessity, but it's nice to have it, and we do use it. It fills pots faster than the sink faucet, and I sometimes use it to add water right into a pot on the stove.

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cat_mom- Its a pot filler, its intention is to be used to add water right into a pot on the stove. What other purpose do you use it for if you use it for its intended purpose only sometimes?

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realism, I am not sure, but I think cat_mom means she adds water to pots during cooking sometimes, not just to to fill the pot from the start.

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I use mine daily for filling the humidifier reservoirs, and the pasta pot and the teakettle.
The flow rate is unobstructed by "flow reducers" and the inherent design limitation of my other two (kohler) kitchen faucets. So to get full-flow saves me time and frustration.
And it looks cool.

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I may not use my pot filler daily but I do love it. OK I'll admit...part of it is that it is pretty! But it is also very functional. I love being able to fill up a pot quickly. The best part is canning season and being able to fill the canner easily or top it off with more water when needed.

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