if you haven't sent in your pampers points yet i would do it now!

polarprincessJanuary 1, 2002

went to their website and ALOT of the stuff is gone already and some is on backorder. if you wait till the end of the month their might not be anything left at all. i sent mine in yesterday for the guitar, but i have a feeling i will get a letter back saying they are all out. I have heard bad things on other forums that this kind of thing is happening alot. good luck to everyone.

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Do you think that maybe they will have a new promotion coming up after this one? We've got over a hundred points to use. I just thought I'd wait around until something good came up.

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it said on their website that it is possible but right now nothing is being planned.

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We send our points in with a check on December 8, 2001 and have not heard anything and the check has not been cashed. So, either it got lost or they are holding off...?

Not sure what is up, I think I will call them on Monday.

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