x-post bathrooms-add a flange to bathtub?

palimpsestFebruary 19, 2013

I am thinking of a small bathroom plan where a tub like the Kohler Mayflower (44" x 48") could make sense.

The 44" side has a 28" projection while the 48" side has a 24" projection.

This is a corner tub, but I was thinking of a 3-wall alcove application which means I would need a flange on one of the short sides.

Is it possible to do something like epoxy a tile flange on the outer edge of one of the aproned sides for proper waterproofing in a 3-wall alcove situation?

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Yes, they make add-on tile flanges. I wanted a really deep tub for an alcove installation but they generally only come as drop-in (or standalone). When researching I saw a few comments stating add-ons would eventually fail so I chickened out.

I doubt you haven't already searched the forums but here's a thread on this subject anyway.

Here is a link that might be useful: a GW thread about this - see LWO's comment

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Hurry quick. This is an original Cinderella tub for sale with flanges on 3 sides, from what I see in the picture. And a fraction of the price of your new tub.

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Thanks for the link, Marcolo. Unfortunately the concept--a semi hexagonal floor space--requires the version with the angled front.

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I think I have a plan worked out where I can use the Mayflower tub in a corner installation, without the extra side enclosed alcove style.

The existing situation is a small back-to back full bath/powder room set up where the powder room was jerry rigged into a three quarter that is not code compliant, I don't think.

The plan is to redo both baths but there is no way to expand (at least in one direction) so gaining space for the 3/4 involves stealing a few inches from the full bath.

This tub provides the answer, I think, and it would be appropriate because it's a mid-century house.

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