Putnam Ivory + a little more yellow?

lauren3110July 5, 2012

Can anyone suggest a color - any brand that would be like putnam ivory with a touch more yellow? It is just a little too tan, but I am having trouble finding something with just a shade more yellow to it. I have samples of Hepplewhite Ivory (too light), Cottage Cream (seems to have a hint of green) and both are just a bit too light I think. I have to finalize paint for our new house and this color will be our entire 1st floor and upstairs hallway so I want to love it! Any suggestions? Putnam ivory in photos online looks like the perfect neutral beige/yellow but in my light just looks tan :-(


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Lori A. Sawaya

Are you sure? Have you tested it - like painted out samples and looked at it in different locations?

If yes, then you know it's beige in your house. If not tested you might be surprised by how much yellow comes out to play once it's painted in the entire 3d expanse of space.

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It may be too light for you, but my parents painted the main areas of their house in BM Palace White. It changes throughout the day, but sometimes it looks like a pale beige/off-white, and other times it looks like a nice pale gold.

I sampled Rich Cream, which looks orange-ish on the chip but nice and gold on the wall. Again, it may be too light for you (almost the same LRV as Hepplewhite Ivory), but if so, you can check out the next color down, Desert Tan, since it's in the Color Preview fandeck and the colors on the strips actually correspond to each other (unlike the Classic Colors fandeck).

Here is a link that might be useful: Palace White pictured in the 2nd post down

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I tested them on big pieces of foam core that I painted. I know I feel crazy, but putnam ivory does not read yellow at all in my space - I so thought this was going to be the right color :-( I got swatched of BM summer harvest and SW Ivoire but I think summer harvest may be too light and ivoire seems to have a hint of green (or am I crazy?). How well does it work to have formulas darkened say to 125% ?

Palace white in the first photo looked great - too light though in the second :( Looked at Desert tan chip too today but think it is too orangey.

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