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daviddjFebruary 6, 2013

This is a preliminary drawing for our kitchen that our architect came up with. The kitchen will have 9 foot ceilings. We were thinking to save TONS of money we would go with IKEA cabinets, except they don't come in sizes that would reach to the top like she has designed. Not that we could reach the top shelves anyway. We were thinking maybe just leave some space up there and put some LED lighting up top. Or have them go all the way to the top, and have an open shelf at the bottom.

Any comments about layout, cabinets or anything about this kitchen is appreciated

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First, be aware your aisle widths are narrower than you think. The measurements are counter to counter, but you need to take the countertop overhang into account. And a range sticks out further into the aisle than a counter--check the dimensions on yours. You might think about nudging the aisle to the upper left a bit.

Second, lose the bi-level island. It dramatically cuts down on your workspace and hides clutter to no one except when you're standing or sitting in exactly the right spot. Your drawing doesn't give overhang dimensions but you should have at least 15" of counter overhang for seating at counter height. Check to see if you have room for one additional seat with overhang on the left side of the island--it's much more conducive to conversation than the magazine-driven Kitchen Stadium seating style. But watch that corner to corner measurement, especially with the pantry there (see nudging comment above).

The blind corner next to the oven will be a black hole. Think about bringing cabs down to the counter there and using the part that sits on the back counter run as an appliance garage.

There are some other things in this layout I really dislike, but can't see an easy way to fix them at the moment. (I hate cleanup sinks butt to butt with ranges, for example.)

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robo (z6a)

Ikea fans can help you out a LOT with heights. Depending on the thickness of your countertop, by the time you get the deco/ light strip on the bottom and some trim on the top of the cabs (how thick will your crown be?) with 18 inch backsplash you might be looking at 48 to 54 inches height to fill. If you do 30" uppers on bottom and stacked their 15, 18 or 24 inch cabs on top, it could look good. Only problem is their glass doors don't come in those heights so you would need to go solid on top or custom e.g. Scherrs.

An ikea adel kitchen with solid on top - looks like 30s and 15s.

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We are a family of 3 (me, wife and 4 year old son) so we won't be cooking big meals (except maybe holidays). The house is only about 2600 sqft total (1300 / floor)

This house hasn't been built so it is not to late to change anything.

Here is the floor plan for this level.

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I really like the layout but maybe because its almost identical to mine!

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