gluten intollerance in toddlers???

cat3882January 16, 2007

I have been reading some info online about cows milk hendering toddlers and infants in speech. Has anyone heard anything about this?? My 19 month old doesnt speak ( i had an ealier posting regarding this "18 month old not talking or walking alone") She drinks milk like it is doing out of style! She is always coughing or sneezing or has a runny nose and has had ear infections almost once a month since she was born. I would like to know if anyone has taken cows milk out of their infants diet and has seen improvements in their development. ALso, what would they then drink? Soy milk? Thanks! Cat

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She could be allergic to cows milk in which case you would feed her soy milk or a soy based formula...think it's infamil soy.
But she could also be allergic to dust or mold in your house or just be catching stuff from other kids in day care or where ever she goes. Babies who are around older kids catch a lot of stuff.
Also gluten is a substance found in bread and cereals not in milk? Does she get cereal? baybe switch to all rice cereal and see if it helps.
But I don';t believe either would hinder her speech, unless she has such clogged ears she can't hear.
What does your Dr. say?
Linda C

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Besides the obvious of talking to your doctor, why don't you just cut out all dairy for 2 weeks? It can't hurt, it can only help! She'll be just fine with water and juice. I say give it a shot! Good luck :) Christy

Oh, and I agree with Linda, gluten is in bread and such.

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Eliminating milk and gluten are good things to try -- it made a HUGE difference for my son, clearing up his chronic congestion and ear infections within two weeks. He was also a milk and gluten junkie.

I'm curious that you mention gluten though. Did you hear about this diet from parents of a child with autism or PDD? The gluten free-casein free (GFCF) diet is a protocol often recommended for children suspected of having autism. NOT to suggest that your daughter is autistic -- merely being late to talk and walk are not enough to suggest such a serious diagnosis. However, if there are other areas where her development isn't typical, (unusual sensitivities or lack of sensitivity to touch, sound, light, temperature; lack of pointing; unusual interests) you may want to ask your pediatrician to screen her for early signs.

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