Big Toddler need a new car seat.....HELP!!!!!

eileenlaunonenJanuary 15, 2008

My son is 3 and looks like a 5 year old he wears size 5 clothes and has a 12 double wide foot but is not a chunky kid....NY law says he must be in a car seat yet I am basically fighting with the 5 point harness to clip it in and it at its last extension...he and I are not happy campers. I went to babies r us and the only one the sales boy had was 250 plus dollars!!! Is anyone aware of a BIG TODDLER CAR SEAT??? All I find is booster type where you use your own car belt. I called my local police and they said a booster is technically NOT acceptable. Suggestions please TIA

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Babies R Us is usually way over priced for this kind of stuff or only offer the more expensive ones. Do you have a Target, Walmart, K-Mart something similar you can check out? May even look at Amazon.

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What about a booster car seat. A lot of those look like a infant/toddler car seat, but are bigger.

This one even has a 5 point harness.

Good luck.

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I think the boosters are generally made for 4 yrs old and up... and even when 4, my doctor recommends the other seats with 5 point harnesses are used instead of just boosters for safety. What's bad is, that it's sometimes hard to find a seat that fits a kid over 40 lbs. that's not a booster or where the 5 point harness can be worn comfortably on a bigger kid.

I personally would not put a three year old in just a booster seat even if the law provides for it with weight limits, unless you really can not find anything else. Plus, it sounds like in New York maybe it's not even legal if you're still three. Here a think a kid can use a booster if he's 4 OR 40 lbs, but like I said my Dr. thinks the other seats are way safer.

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A booster seat is out of question (Laws) as I need a 5 harness and all that I come across hes to tall for so you can snap it between the crotch area. I see that Walmart is to soon carry one online but they have no info as too when.

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I know you're dealing with more of a a height problem, but I'm having a hard time finding a 5 point harness for kids that weigh over 40 lbs. It seems like most of the convertible seats stop using them at that weight limit. I'm actually beginning to wonder if my doctor knew what he was talking about. He seemed shocked when I told him my 5 point harness seat only goes up to 40 lbs. and thought mine was more of a baby seat -- which it is not.

If you see any ones that can use the 5 point harness over 40 lbs will you let me know? Thanks.

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I will inform you if I can EVER find one!!!

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I found a car seat!!! The brand is COSCO sold at Target for 49.99 has a 5 point harness and holds up to I think 80 pounds...bought it a he fits in it beautifully!!!

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Glad that you found one. Hopefully, they'll have it at my Target. You don't know the specific name of the Cosco seat by chance? like Cosco Seanna or Cosco Literra, etc... Thanks

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That's this carseat. Looks good for a big toddler. It's probably the Cosco Juvenile.

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But that one's just really a booster seat after 40 lbs. -- you can even tell by the name description. You can only wear the 5 point harness up to 40 lbs.-- since it's convertible it just becomes a booster seat then. I'm looking for one where the harness can be worn over 40 lbs. My doctor swears they exist... I am beginning to think he's crazy. All I'm finding are those convertible booster types like you noted. I'm not sure what people are supposed to do with heavy 3 yr olds in the states when they aren't allowed in boosters legally until they're 4. I can legally put my kid in a booster, but I would prefer the 5 point harness thing if they exist... Thanks anyway.

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This one has a 5 point harness that seems to fit up to 65 pounds. It's not cheap, but it looks like it does what you need. Good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: Graco Bravo Nautilus 3-in-1 car seat

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Thanks, it sounds like that is the kind my doctor must be talking about!!! So, he's not totally crazy! I did find a different one that fits at Amazon for $300... so this one is way better priced than that. I just hope they have that one in stock at my store. I guess I can always do an in store order with WalMart. Thanks again for finding it; I wasn't having much luck.

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Glad to help. My daughter and I were looking for booster seats with a 5 point harness this weekend when I was visiting. My grandson is very tall and she'll be having a problem soon. She wanted some options now, before the new baby comes in a few months.

Happy traveling.

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That Graco looks like the one I bought at Target I got rid of the box but they have it on display in the baby dept its blue if that helps..and works great

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The Graco Nautilus is a great seat--it will be the last one you need to buy. There is also the Sunshine Kids Radian65 but it is not as versatile as the Graco model--it is great if you have limited car space because I believe it is narrower.

Good luck finding the new Nautilus.

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I highly recommend the Graco Nautilus. It has a 5 point harness for up to 60 pounds. Also you can raise the head rest (very easily ) as your child gets taller. I think it's around $150-200 but it's well worth it. Hope this helps!

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