What color to paint wood front door on red brick house?

tulahJuly 29, 2007

Hi - We just bought a gorgeous front wood door from a house that was going to be torn down. My husband just installed it and it looks GREAT...but, I cannot decide on a color to paint it.

Right now, it came to us painted as a blue-green color. It doesn't look good with our dark red brick house. The house is cottage style, 1 story, 1400 ft., built in 1947.

I think I'm going to do the door "trim" in a medium grey color, as well as the other trim on the house, windows, etc.

Any suggestions for color for front door!?? Have any pictures you'd like to share? Thanks!

When we bought this house, it has the standard red brick/white trim/black door look. I want to get away from that, because the white trim just looks "dated" on this house.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm stuck in indecision!

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Our 1960's brick ranch front door is black, along with the shutters, but the trim is almond. We bought a nice Anderson storm door in almond. Maybe a little boring, but it works.

I like the idea of grey trim! I'd maybe go with a smokier grey door then. Or a maroon would be pretty.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes



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Ivory ? watcha think

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I'd go with a burgandy / Red/brown sort of mix - Sometimes a cream can work or a deep ivory.

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Using DHs work historic work building for inspiration, I've decided to go with....
- Red Brick house (this color stays! LOL)
- All trim Medium-dark slight bluish gray. (not institutional looking). Including window molding, door trim, eaves, etc..
- Sandy-beige, deep warm cream color for door.

Now, I've just got to FIND the above mentioned door color.
If anyone here knows what I "mean" by the above description, and a good name and brand of paint color, please let me know!

Thank you very much! And thanks for the suggestions.

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