What do you call this type of cabinet hinge?

nosoccermomFebruary 9, 2014

Stupid question, but what do you call the type of hinge in picture 1?

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I can't remember, but mine are starting to pull out of the cabinets after five years....hmmmmmm

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A face frame overlay hinge. It looks like Blum.

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That's a Euro or Concealed hinge. Probably Blum, judging by the screws.

These come as small as 15/16th overly down to 1" overlay. "Overlay" how much the door covers the cabinet frame, leaving the remainder i.e. 1/16th showing. .

They work really nicely with the soft close. Although, come to think of it, these same hinges now come with the soft close built into them, rather than a separate piece.

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I've heard several cabinetmakers call them "cup" hinges.

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How does soft close for doors even work? I've seen it on drawers before and understand how that operates but never on doors.

Also, are the drawer soft close mechanisms repairable? A friend's mom has a couple that aren't so soft anymore after under a year.

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hinge on left is a "face frame cup hinge"- other names exist
hinge on right is "euro hinge" other names exist
In both cases there are at least 6 mfgs who have up to dozens of variations of swing, cabinet clip, attachment...
What do you really need to know?

Soft close hinges- newest and most common the soft close is built into the hinge. Older ones had a piston mounted in the cabinet for the door to hit on closing.

You might be able to clean them- carefully- no solvents, no WD40 (which is a solvent) but unlikely. On newer glides the soft close mechanisms is integral and can't really be repaired. The older (over 5 years) could be replaced if they were blum.
Note that dust can be the death of undermount glides. Sawdust from install not cleaned or worse, granite dust and often the glides will have to be replaced. Keep after your installers.

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I think I may have asked the wrong question. So, this is basically a framed and overlay cabinet?
I probably need to backtrack. I'm thinking about buying a condo that has those dreaded laminate cabinets with the oak edge, like these:

As far as I can tell, the boxes are still in great shape and look like solid wood (maybe plywood). However, the doors are in not so great shape. Some of the handles have chunks broken off. So, I was wondering if I could just replace the doors rather than ripping the whole thing out and replacing with low end cabinets. It's a rental but needs to look 'sexy."
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You should not have a problem getting doors and replacement hinges that fit the existing cups. There is probably a brand name on the hinges somewhere. You might have to take one off to find it. If you are doing the replacement yourself I would suggest filling the old screw holes (not the cup hole) with wood putty before reinstalling-so the screws fit tightly.

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Aren't the cup holes the ones in the door? The hinges actually still look pretty good, too. I'm just wondering whether it's feasible to order Barker (or whatever) replacement doors and tell them exactly what kind of cup holes I need.

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Remove the doors and hinges; take them to a cabinet shop with an edgebander and have the fronts relaminated with a color you like. You'll never get as good a door as cheaply as this and you know they'll fit.

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Jumping back to the question about the drawers.
If it's a newer Blum, and not the hydraulic type, it seems that the slide doesn't latch into the tiny holes on the back of the drawer sometimes.
I find just reaching back there and shoving it in is good until I decide to remove the drawer for some crazy reason.

Hope that helps.
Oh, and those cabinets? Had 'em in my condominium and they were particle board. Crap. Good luck!

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Issue solved. Backed out of the condo deal, but thank you so much for all the information!

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