testing for gestational diabetes

amy_z6_swpaDecember 20, 2006

I am a little annoyed right now...on Monday I had a 1-hour blood screen for gestational diabetes because at my latest prenatal checkup my urine had glucose in it. I got a call today saying my blood test was a little high so now I have to go in for the 3-hour glucose tolerance test.

First of all, I am 11 weeks pregnant and I have always been normal weight and over the past 2+ years have been eating very healthily. I walk daily and have been eating exactly as a pregnant woman should be eating. I have no symptoms of diabetes and none of my other recent urine or blood tests have shown anything wrong. The other thing is that before my 1-hour screen, they did not say anything about fasting. Only for the 3-hour test. I had asked my Dr. if just eating could have made my urine sugar level rise, and she said possibly. So why wouldn't they tell you to fast before the 1-hour screen?

Has anyone else had this happen, even when eating well and walking daily??? I am very on edge about this.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

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yes, me. It doesn't really matter what your eating habits or weight was like before or during the pregnancy. It just happens. Don't poo-poo it because it can be dangerous for the baby. Mine was caught early on but was not addressed by my doctors (military doctors and they sucked) until I was two weeks away from delivery by the dept head. He was furious that no one put me on a special diet etc....... I can remember at times when I would get really lightheaded and one time actually passed out. I just thought it was because I moved too quickly(and I was young). My baby was huge (10lbs) and I was delivered 2 weeks early because of this. Her high weight was because of the diabetes. She had to spend a day in an incubater to regulate her sugar levels before they would give the okay to let her come home.
I know it's a pia to have the tests done but they are important. For you and the baby. Gestional diabetes goes away after the pregnancy but puts you at a higher risk of getting later in life diabetes. Gestional diabetes isn't really a huge deal but you need to keep it check.

Good luck!!


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I had gestational diabetes with my first pregnancy, sounds like the same as you. My glucose was a "little high", and I went on a diabetic diet for the rest of my pregnancy. My baby (now 30, was normal size, with no problems during pregnancy or delivery)

Pregnancy is a huge stress on the body, which is why women may have gestational diabetes and never develop diabetes later in life.

The diagnosis may depend on the values the particular lab or hospital uses to determine normal levels. "A little high" at one facility may be normal at another. (Which is why I had gestational diabetes only during my first pregnancy!)

Don't sweat it, just continue to enjoy your pregnancy.

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Thanks. I went in for the 3-hour one, and haven't heard anything since. I even called to find out the results and was transferred and got a machine which I left a message on. That was the Thurs./Fri. right before Christmas.

My next regular checkup is the 12th. Would they really wait until then to say something if I did have G.D.? Or would they have called immediately?

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They probably would (or should have) have called immediately if there was anything to be concerned about. I am a bit surprised you didn't get a call last week. But this means your test was probably normal. Even if it was slightly abnormal, you'd just be put on a low carb/sugar free diet, and that's probably not a big change from your current diet.

Health care providers can get a little jaded and forget how upsetting anything out of the ordinary is to a patient. They see this hundreds of times and it becomes rather "ho-hum" to them. They forget that this is the first time for you and it's terribly important and scary. I'd call Monday morning and be pretty insistent that they tell you the results, even it they are normal.

When I was diagnosed, I was seen weekly rather than monthly for my OB appointments, I would assume you would go on the same schedule if you do have gestational diabetes.

Good luck to all of you.

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I think one thing patients tend to forget is that THIS IS YOUR LIFE, and right now your babies life. DO NOT rely on the medical staff to call you. Call them, tell them you want to know the results of the test. What if your test fell through the cracks, (everything would be fine until your next dr. appt in this case), BUT you may need those results sooner in other cases. CALL YOUR DOCTOR, be responsible for the follow-up, do not leave it up to others. This is a lesson that will be invaluable when you have the baby. NEVER leave the responsibliity up to someone else, leave it up to you!!!


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Thanks. I called just now and they transferred me to the Dr. assistant's line which I got a machine on, and left a message again. I gave them both home and work #s so they will probably call back shortly. They were fast to reply last time I had to call for something.

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They called back and said my results were all normal, and to say that's why they didn't do a "routine call" back. yay me! :)

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I'm happy. But the "That's why we didn't do a routine call back" is a cop out...could have fallen between the cracks then the answer would have been, "we apologize..blah blah...so, trust your gut, take charge of your, and your children's lifes. Be a PIA, call them, get the results yourself from now on. Never leave your life totally in someone elses hands. Ask questions of them (I always had a notepad, the doctors know this now), and know they have to take the time with me. I will tell them when they start to walk out the door...I AM NOT DONE YET. I pay them. I am always nice about it, but this is my life (and my kids when they were young enough and I was with them). I ended up haveing great repore with my doctors. You can too. They do appreciate that kind of attitude. AS LONG AS YOU DO IT NICELY, AND NOT WITH AN ATTITIUDE.


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That's what I've been doing--I called them the week after the test as well as yesterday, and I've called them before to get answers about other things. They are always nice and say I can call anytime for any question of any kind. But I prefer not to overly-stress or agitate myself out about anything during this happy time of my life. I think if it comes up at my appt. Friday, I'll tell them nicely that it's important to me to know either way, as it is to all patients.

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