berkDecember 5, 2005

Hello, My daughter just had twins 5 weeks ago.

The girls are beautiful but one of them has colic.

Do you have any suggestions on what will releive colic?

She has tried those drops but they don't seem to help any.

Thanks and I sure hope someone has a good suggestion.

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is she breastfeeding or using formula, because there is a new formula by infamil called gentleease and it is awesome my baby is a new child, not that she is on it.

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The magic thing for my daughter was rice cereal....thickened up the milk and seemed to prevent her intestines from cramping.
Linda C

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My firstborn had colic, and 29 years ago those drops didn't help then either, though a good, stiff drink might have helped me! LOL What an ordeal. Swaddling helped my oldest daughter when she had colic, but we didn't call it that, I just wrapped her up and kept her warm.

I got my daughter a Miracle Blanket before my grandson was born. Turns out he doesn't like to be swaddled, but there have been a few really fussy nights when it worked, it calmed him down. I also got my daughter the book The Happiest Baby on the Block. She says it has some good ideas that helped, (and some strange ones). Fortunately, they do outgrow colic, but it's going to be tough. I hope she has lots of help, especially from grandmothers, who can hold and soothe and rock and walk those babies, and hug and hold that mother. She probably desparately needs the help right now, having one newborn is hard enough, I can't imagine doing it with two.

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It is also possible that she has reflux. Many times what we think is colic may be reflux.

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