Exterior Door Painting ?

mommyinvtJuly 18, 2007

I recently moved and would like to paint our exterior doors a different color. I have no idea what kind of paint is on the door right now. Where should I begin? What prep steps need to be taken? Should I use a semi-gloss for the front door?

To make matters more difficult I would like to paint the doors black, a deep true black. Several people have suggested that I select a different color because the black will fade. I still want black...what black paint should I buy. I bought all BM paints for my interior, but I have never purchased any exterior paints.

Thanks for your help.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

The best thing to do is call an auto body shop and get an estimate for painting the door. Black paint is not forgiving if it's not perfect. Especially in daylight.

If you feel you must do it yourself, BM Impervo Satin Black will do a good job. Unfortunately it must be in alkyd to be that dark.

Whatever you do, don't consider SW Color Accents. Trust me on that one.


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One problem with dark paint on doors is that, in addition to fading issues, the door will heat up when sun hits it. If you have a glass-front storm door, in the winter the front door will be like a solar collector, but with no place for the heat to go.

I've heard of peoples' doors or storm doors warping because they got so hot.

If you don't have a glass front storm door, then this is probably not a big deal.

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Mommy, (grinning on this one!)

I agree a black door looks nice! But the previous posters have great points!

* Does your door face North or East? If so, I wouldn't be that concerned about heat build-up.
* However, if your door faces South/S-West/or West...well, just remember touching a black car on a hot day...OUCH!
* If you have an awning, deep entry, or a well-shaded West exposure, you may be OK with black.


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I am painting my front door green. Do I have to also paint the interior side of the front door also green? All my interior doors are painted white so won't it look odd if I paint it green? Opinions please.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

The interior is the interior and the exterior is the exterior.Two different colors, unless they are all the same.

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