Cold extremities?

phyllis_philodendronNovember 28, 2003

My first official post as a new mom!

I've noticed lately that my son has cold hands and feet, while the rest of him is warm. I already have to watch as he has a cast on his leg and we need to check the warmth of his little toes. Should I be concerned?

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YAYY! When was he born? Was the cast a result of the breech?

I don't know if I can be of much help. My DD was sooo hot natured, from day one. And being born in winter meant we tended to bundle her up well. The more we bundled her the more she cried, until we figured it out.

Extremeties, though, are a bit different than overall body temp. Did you get some of those infant hand covers - the ones that keep them from scratching themselves? That should be good for the hands - you don't have to turn the guy into an eskimo. Just give his body an opportunity to trap his own body heat and keep it close. Also in the first few weeks, head covering is key.


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Congratulations on the new baby.

Newborns have a harder time regulating their body temps. The nurses in the hospital were always checking temperatures to make sure the baby was warm enough. If they didn't think she was warm enough, they'd bring in a heated blanket.

I'm having a problem at night in keeping my baby warm without overbundling her. I've been putting her in the little sleepers and gowns with the little hand covers. She doesn't like to be swaddled as much as she did in the beginning, but I still try to get her arms wrapped up in the blanket so they aren't out.

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My mother always used to say that babies have cold hands and feet because they wave them around so much. LOL! I wouldn't worry...or over bundle the baby as long as the body feels warm. As Adella said newborns have a hard time regulating body temps....both for cold and for warm.
But noticing the date of the first post....the problem is likely resolved!
Linda C

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phyllis_philodendron I more check his arms and legs to see if he's cold. But I can't put a blanket on his arms to keep them warm when he's sleeping with them above his head :) He seems to be a very warm baby, just like his dad. We skip the snow suit altogether and opt for removeable blankets and a hat because he just burns up. I'll try to put a blanket on him as he sleeps and he'll start fussing right away because he's too warm! LOL

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also, not sure if this works for babies, but...

I recently read a story that said an adult's body will take heat AWAY from extremeties to send it to the head and kidneys and lungs. So, if your hands are cold, put on a hat. Or an undershirt.

I know this post was a while ago. But someone else reading this might see whether putting a small knit cap on the baby, or adding an undershirt (or a sweater, if there's already an undershirt in play), will actually make the extremeties warmer.

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